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3 years ago#1
I just began sequence 10 and I have some errm...*issues* as far as the side stuff goes.

1) How do the assassin missions work? Like the screen with the regions of the colonies/states and Quebec? I have all 6 liberated by the way.

2) I figured I haven't done any trading or crafting, so I wanted to get started but I realized I didn't have anyone in my homestead working except Lance, Terry, and Miriam. So I thought doing more Homestead missions would unlock em all...well...I got up to the encyclopedia thing with Achilles and I'm massively confused. First off, who am I supposed to "aim" at and add to it? It says miners, doctors, etc., but...I don't know any? I'm so confused!!

3) I've found a ton of recipes in chests and stuff, but how do I obtain all the ingredients for for the recipes? I need a major tutorial on crafting and trading...I'm really confused.


PS: What makes it worse, is the more forts I liberate and turn over to Patriot control, it says, "tax lowered for trading goods". And all I can think is, "Well that sucks..doesn't matter to me because I don't know how to trade anyway..."
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3 years ago#2
1. Hold left bumper and press X when the screen changes. This brings you to the giant map of the different zones. Select a zone and then pick up to three of your assassin's to send on a mission there. Once assassin's are selected, press Y to start mission. Then they will auto do the mission and when it is over you can send on more. This is best way to level your assassin's. They will be unavailable in cities while on missions.

2. Crafting is much easier when you have all of the homstead members. You obtain them by doing homestead missions (the icon can be found in Homestead, Frontier, Boston & New York, so just have to look for them. You can buy the items used for crafting from the people after you recruit them into your homstead. This is done through the crafting/trading book in Connor's home on the Homestead. It can seem a bit confusing at first, but once you get to looking at it more it isn't bad.

2.5. The Encyclopedia of the Common Man. To do this, you aim at the homestead people while they are doing different tasks standard to their trade. Such as the miner guy while he's working in the mine. It can be difficult to find them all, but there are videos on youtube you can search for. I found it best to do this once all homestead missions were completed.

3. Crafting I kind of touched on before. Search youtube for Crafting tutorials. It can help a lot.
Trading can be annoying if you don't know what you are doing. Even after sending a caravan you can't just let it be. Best thing I can tell you is to youtube a tutorial for trading. I watched one when i started and it helped immensely. Now I can jump into the game and in a matter of a minute or two I can have all of my caravans loaded and sent for trade, bringing in almost 10k each with little chance of attack.

As for the final bit, defeating forts I think lowers the chance of the caravan being attacked, as well as lowering how much tax is charged on your overall profit, thus giving you more money in return for your trade.
3 years ago#3
Thank you so much!

I had no idea homestead missions could be available outside of the Homestead area.

I gotta watch some videos on crafting and trading.

know how to do the assassin missions but I guess my real question was whether you actually do it or just send your assassins.

Big question! do you know how much XP and what level each of your assassins are?
GT, and PSN: DrJ898
3 years ago#4
Big question! do you know how much XP and what level each of your assassins are?

I believe if you go to assign assassins to missions it'll show you their XP/level there, the game may show it in other locations as well although I'm not certain (haven't played the base game in a few months, but the info is definitely there).
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