Looking for my fellow Assassin gamer

#1viper_3240Posted 4/22/2013 1:29:51 AM
I really want to play with people and I certainly don't want to just add anyone. I an adult and please be the same. Hearing kids on live is just annoying. I don't restrict to any game modes however that doesn't mean I don't hate to play some of them. I don't like assassination mode because players don't typically play it properly. Now don't get me wrong I can do some real mercing in assassination mode, but it's hard to find a match where players play it right.

I typically find myself in 1st through 3rd in wanted and Death match. However I do sometimes get an off match where I just can't seem to get to my target in time. I also taunt the crap out of my targets after my kill all in good clean fun though. I'm also someone who actually knows what they are doing in wolf pack, and trust me it's way better to play with people who actually don't spend the wolf pack session rush killing everything.

Hit me up on live if you want to play with me I'm a really cool guy, and someone who you want to roll with on live. My gamer tag is Death Stalker50.
#2BluesSoul617Posted 4/22/2013 4:44:01 AM
GT: oH JohnBoyzZ

I'm a cool guy :P
Blues Soul 617
#3BluesSoul617Posted 4/23/2013 2:09:30 PM

We need another player to join us in Manhunt and Artifact.
Blues Soul 617
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Tc sounds like a tool
GT: Ancient Daemon
PSN: Ancient_Daemon
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Blues Soul 617
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