Any real point to getting the chests in the dlc?

#1Mason_CainPosted 4/24/2013 12:15:17 AM
Not 100% synch related, but any new items?
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#2FredCat07Posted 4/24/2013 4:39:42 AM
Same thing you get in original gameplay, craft!
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#3antioppressionPosted 4/24/2013 6:47:58 PM
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#4ChisokaPosted 4/25/2013 7:51:03 AM
Just supplies in them (rope darts, poison, cartridges etc), a few contain pouch upgrades and one of them in each DLC contains a heavy weapon of some sort club, sword, axe etc.
#5Pennywise380Posted 4/26/2013 7:07:39 AM
There are multiple chests containing weapons in The Redemption. One holds a high-tier sword, and another holds a high-tier war club.

It's only the larger chests that contain anything interesting. The smaller chests only ever contain supplies.
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#6LazyDave1Posted 4/27/2013 1:21:11 AM
antioppression posted...
makes you proud of yourself.
#7Shigmiya64Posted 4/28/2013 9:36:50 PM
They're mostly just there to help you resupply ammo since there's no stores.
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