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User Info: jhaze2

3 years ago#1
Just brought this game. Wanted to know if there is a bank in this one

User Info: bobbyrk

3 years ago#2
No, there are no banks like the previous games. You have to be proactive to earn money in this one.
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User Info: jhaze2

3 years ago#3
Ahhh dat sucks o well o shall loot them all.thanks

User Info: BluesSoul617

3 years ago#4
Connor ain't wealthy like Ezio.
Blues Soul 617

User Info: FredCat07

3 years ago#5
BluesSoul617 posted...
Connor ain't wealthy like Ezio.

And also, he put his mind on his tribe rather than helping Americans.
What'the matter? Disliked my grammar?

User Info: BayouJoe

3 years ago#6
I made lots of money hunting, especially beaver......I love the smell of beaver in the morning, oh wait, that was napalm.
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