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I think I saw A Real Bigfoot (A spoiler so be warned for new players)Cody281919/9 10:28AM
OCD Assassin's Creed 3 100% Completion Question (Archived)u2rocksbaby28/21 8:15AM
Delivery Requests Glitch (Archived)firework211728/9 9:46PM
does anyone know who to contact to reset your multiplayer account (Archived)Cracker16317/30 12:48PM
Nine men's morris problem (Archived)Nairel227/22 12:34PM
Anyone want to get together for "Wolves For the Lambs" from Battle Hardened DLC? (Archived)googler26/2 9:56AM
Washington's Battle Sword is weird. (Archived)HatchetHound15/23 7:21PM
Checkers mini game help (Archived)ItsBrendanFYI35/20 11:21AM
Go left, Connor! (Archived)CynicalZealot45/10 2:48PM
Wolf Pack (Archived)Azure61915/6 12:34PM
Why does Paul Revere (Archived)ClimaX_juggalo25/2 1:17PM
What exactly is wrong with this game? No spoilers please (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ignus18155/1 11:14AM
Just got into 3. Good so far (Archived)lengthycobra6934/29 9:47PM
Wow... Finally learned how to fight... (Archived)The-Apostle44/29 9:18AM
What do you think happened to the Connor after all the war and stuff? (Archived)Westnest14/29 8:49AM
Playing as Haytham in Boston (Archived)drumble8974/29 6:49AM
How many general stores are there? (Archived)Jenna Tonta14/28 11:21AM
In case anyone is still having trouble with chests... *Spoilers* (Archived)The-Apostle14/17 8:34PM
It's like IMPOSSIBLE to lockpick in this game! (Archived)The-Apostle34/13 8:58PM
Are certain characters unavailable for certain MP maps? (Archived)drumble8913/30 4:03PM
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