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3 years ago#1
Apparently, the older topic was archived, so I will just repost this. The game is out in the Japanese app store for some time and is quite different from the original series. The game is kinda like a mix of marvel war of heroes and battle hearts, and is actually quite fun.

Btw my Invitiation ID: 29212718, if you entered it when starting a new game, you will get a promotional Char's zaku.

For android users, you can get the game here:

3 years ago#2

I play it on Android; if anyone wants to add me:

Name: RogueLeader
ID: 95686408

3 years ago#3
Btw, this is updated file as of June 20, 2013 for android.

3 years ago#4
how cash heavy is this game?
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3 years ago#5
Trance_IX posted...
how cash heavy is this game?

Depends how deep you want to go into it, its possible to get everything you want without using cash. They give you alot of tickets (which allow you to draw SR/R+ MS/characters inaccessible through normal tickets) through events and daily logins. But again, you can pay so that you have a higher chance into getting R+/SR MS/characters.

Moreover, they periodically release events that give out SR MS.

Currently, they are having a event with two special mission, the first mission (cost 13 en) can possibly give you a R+guncannon and the other (27 en) mission give you a SR Gundam Dynames (which i think is one of the stronger suits players that pay and don't pay can get).

Btw, if you think about starting, right now is a good time to start too, if you input a code they put on their website into the game (Until June 30), you can received a R+ Argama, a very good ship for new players to start off with .

Here is another link for android user to dwl if the above link do not work.

3 years ago#6
I started playing.

Name: Vanderhuge
ID: 34967077

used your invite id
Watching LP's.
3 years ago#7
damn the controls are weird, care to give out some tips.
Watching LP's.
3 years ago#8
Trance_IX posted...
damn the controls are weird, care to give out some tips.

I will just go through the basics:
In the main screen with your operator (Noel Anderson from lost war chronicles is the operator we all started with) and your suits flying around you will see some buttons on the right and down side of the screen.

On the right side: (1) the top pink button is where you will use tickets to exchange for suits/ms, (2) the green button leads you to the menu where you will form your team (click the bigger button on the left with amuro, gundam and wb after hitting the green button) or sell your suits/ms/ships/op (for the smaller buttom on the right), (3) the blue buttom leads you to the menu of combing your suits or upgrade ur suits/pilots and ms, and the (4) yellowish orange button is where players can buy game cash with japanese yen or exchange rare tickets with design plans, keys or Colosseum tickets.

On the bottom side: the two main options are the button with the energy bar which will lead you to the mission selection screen while showing you how much energy you have while the other option on the right is the G Colosseum where you can battle other players for prize. (The current price is if you beat 30 players in 1 hour consecutively, you will get a R+ Titans Gundam MKII (long range).

Please let me know if you have any specify questions about the game, I will try my best to help explaining.
3 years ago#9
I understand the buttons gacha and all.

-Any hints on how the "In Batlle controls",
-Any stages I should hit first to farm I'm hitting up Seed-8 for buster gundam, I was hoping to evolve the lang range version of him.
Watching LP's.
3 years ago#10
Trance_IX posted...
I understand the buttons gacha and all.

-Any hints on how the "In Batlle controls",
-Any stages I should hit first to farm I'm hitting up Seed-8 for buster gundam, I was hoping to evolve the lang range version of him.

It really depends on what you want to lvl up. Just remember you need to upgrade any unit beyond the original lvl limit, you would need to use same suits/pilots (in case you havent noticed yet, and they still have a max lvl limit: N-25,N+30, R-40,R+45, SR-55.


See if the Chinese wiki for the game helps you, it had alot of pictures and tell you the loot for each mission.

There is a event going on right now with 2 missions that offered special loots, the first one offered the chance of getting a R+Guncannon while the second one offered a chance for a R+ Lockon and SR Gundam Dynamos. (The second mission might be a lil hard if you started the game but i think the first mission is still passable)


Btw, had you gotten the R+ Argama promo yet?

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