I have now beaten. . .

#11philamikePosted 3/31/2012 3:42:20 AM
Thanks for the advice. I started using Pactmaker when he appears, because there didn't seem to be any negatives. I'll definitely take those other tips into consideration.
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Darglor was pretty spot on with the dietys, but to add a few points of my own

Binlor - Not really a great choice for anyone besides a Trasmuter, Bloodtupowa + Endiswal can be used to get Heroics, but Binlor generally isn't worth the resources, especially just for Hardness

Jehora Jeheyu - My favorite god and useful for classes that don't lose anything by joining (so Rogue's are a big no no) Polymorph has saved my butt so many times

Glowing Guardian - If you haven't picked a god by boss fight time, the two free heals can be a life saver. Make sure you've used all your items and as much HP as possible before joining

Mystera Annur - Way to specialized, you pretty much need bloodtupowa (apheelsick helps a lot too) to make it useful. IIRC the Imawal glitch was fixed in the newest version of alpha. The thing about MA is, attacking is pretty much a trade of damage for HP, but since MA drops your base damage to 1, it makes HP useless, which makes health potions useless and exploring half as useful (unless you have bloodtupowa of course). You have to find MA early to get the good boons, but if you take it too early you won't actually be able to kill anything without using TONS of resources if at all. Not being able to convert glyphs without a big penalty hurts too. Overall not worth the trouble, IMO.

Taurog - The physical version of MA, but more useful IMO. Berserkers and Rogues seem to gain the most from it, and it's alot less of a risk than MA.

Pactmaker - As previously stated it's always a good choice, try to get it early and right before a level up to maximize piety.

Dracul - The false level up is a pretty rough punishment, I usually didn't mess with it.

Tikki Tooki - Meh, if Poison and First Strike were cheaper it would be much more useful.

Earthmother - If you can find a way to use Imawal on 10 monsters to get Stoneform fairly early it can be a big help, otherwise no.
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Thanks for the tips. I'm halfway through Snake Pit and Library, but I haven't done too much with the other ones.
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From: i am buttered toast | #012
IIRC the Imawal glitch was fixed in the newest version of alpha.

I was able to try out the Mystera Annur glitch, and yes, it does work.
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#15Wild_MantinePosted 4/12/2012 10:39:20 AM
Dracul is actually really good if you can get it working well enough. The penalty is very harsh, but I've found that if you can swing it, Bloodhunger and bloodshield can be a devastating combo on the right classes. Put them on something with natural resistances and you've got a monster tank. I don't use Dracul often, but I've also never beat a boss with more ease than with a Monk at 70% resistances and 20% life steal.
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Yeah I was playing as a half-dragon in the library the other day when I found Dracul and figured since it was early, I wasn't going to have any problem with one level higher enemies, and I had pleanty of HP to spare, I'd try it out.

After getting bloodfury and bloodshield the rest of the Library was a breeze.

I think I'll give Dracul more of a chance with some other classes now
#17darglorPosted 4/13/2012 5:16:21 AM(edited)
His bonuses are half decent but he's got too many negatives... If you're level 4 fighting a level 5, you'd get 7 exp. With Dracul, you're getting only 5. Dracul almost completely negates the whole "slingshot" effect of fighting stuff higher level than you. If you're level 1 killing a level 9 armor with fireballs, you're getting 58 instead of 73 exp. It adds up pretty quick.

He's also instant-loss in the Crypt and makes it so you can't fight lots of enemies in the normal dungeon, the boss crypt or the gauntlet... Yet another negative that just makes it so you gain less exp.