I Hate,Hate,Hate that this game is just another in a long line of......

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5 years ago#1
Games with no local player Co-op. And don't give me that crap about it not being able to work because it worked in RE5 just fine. I don't understand why so many developers refuse to put Co-op in their games anymore. A few years ago the thought of a first person shooter without Co-op was just absurd, now it is the norm.

This game looks great but the fact that there is no Co-op actually hurts it in my eyes.
5 years ago#2
You do understand that your logic is flawed with it being able to work in RE5, and not in Dead Island, right?

RE5 was not a massive open world, It worked in stages and sections, to put local co-op on a mass scale, like say Dead Island, or Skyrim, heck even Oblivion.. You'd need a lot of machine power, you'd be seeing a lot of frame rate issues and i'm sure other numerous bugs would pop up as well, If not having your whole system freeze over on you.
5 years ago#3
Yet saints row 2 and the upcoming saints row the third is able to have drop in drop out Co-op play in a wide open world sandbox game third person shooter with no problem. I think the developers were just lazy at this point and wanted to only focus on certain things while neglecting others.
5 years ago#4
That wasn't local co-op, what are you talking about? Dead Island has drop-in, drop-out online co-op, I'm looking at Saints Row 2 at this very moment and there is no local co-op that you speak of.
5 years ago#5
Sorry I meant Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon(But I was thinking about Saints Row at the time). Besides, the area that is being rendered at any given time is about the same size as most other first person shooters. The whole of the island will not constantly be rendered when your only taking up one small part,correct?

It only begins to fill in that area (ala Draw distance) when you move in that direction, and even then you cannot fully see it until you get up to it.
5 years ago#6
We don't know how the game is going to run yet, It'll be cut off in sections till you do the right missions to unlock said areas, but then it becomes a fully open world, just like Oblivion, or Just Cause 2, so I highly doubt that local co-op would work here, I mean i'm sure like all good studios they tested to see what would work and what wouldn't, something didn't pan out so it didn't make it.

EDF isn't exactly free and open, sure it's pretty big.. But there are still shielded walls set in stages, Dead Island is going to be an actual sand box game.
5 years ago#7
Worked fine in "Borderlands"
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5 years ago#8
You mean the world that was also set in stages?..
(message deleted)
5 years ago#10
Yeah, but it's been said on several places that Dead Island will sport the same section system that Borderlands did. However Dead Island's engine is a lot more complicated than the one Borderlands used. Hell, Borderlands used Unreal Engine 3, which is basically made for splitscreen. The Chrome Engine is a lot more complicated and not really made with splitscreen in mind, so I really don't understand why you're making this comparison. Having splitscreen in The Chrome Engine would simply overload the engine. It's that simple.
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