Does dead island induce headaches?

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4 years ago#1

I'm really interested in this game, only problem is I hate first person games because I usually get really big headaches from playing them like thirty minutes into the game. Does this game have that same problem?

Thanks so much in advance guys.

4 years ago#2

Honestly not trying to be rude here, but if you get headaches in general playing first person shooters it not really the "game" thats causing it.  If Dead Island gives you a headache, I assure you it has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with your own body.

Do you wear glasses/contacts or sit too close to the television?  Perhaps see an optometrist.

4 years ago#3
One of my friends has the same issue and we've been gaming since the Apple IIe era, it's a form of motion sickness that only affects a small percentage of people.

And sadly Dead Island is pretty high up on the meter. You do have a recourse though, if you switch to the PC, most FPS games have easy to implement mods that allow for a 3rd person perspective somewhat negating the effect.
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4 years ago#4
This game sometimes gave me headaches. :/ I just play in small periods of time.
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3 years ago#5
I definitely get headaches from this game if I play too long. First you have to look around quickly to remain alert for enemies, and second the camera shakes a lot during fights. I usually walk slowly instead of running, which helps minimize the motion sickness, since the zombies are slow anyway and there's no need to be in rush.
3 years ago#6
I just got this today and after putting in 4 hours I definitely got a headache. Never got one while playing skyrim hours on end.
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3 years ago#7
^In Skyrim you're either talking to an NPC or looting an empty room 50% of the time :).
3 years ago#8
I actually got vertigo from playing this game , was sick for a week , but I tried again and turned the brightness down all the way now I play for an hour then rest for half an hour
3 years ago#9
Yeah, I remember seeing this topic too...
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3 years ago#10
I've never gotten a headache from this game, but my wife feels sick to her stomach every time I bash a zombie's head in. ;)
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