Got this game (And RE RC) today...

#1heyitsthatguy11Posted 4/11/2012 10:31:22 PM
Just two complaints. No day/night cycle (Not yet atleast). And I hate how your player character never thinks to mention "Hey! There are two 'safe zones' where there are other survivors" to the random civilians I save... Seriously, saved a couple in a car crash earlier, had to drag the husband out of the truck, they thank me and then... nothing... I leave them completely stranded there ._.

Other than that, THIS GAME IS A BLAST! Much more enjoyable than RE RC (and Borderlands >_>) atleast! IMO. To my surprise, I actually had a few "OH ****" moments... It's a good thing i'm a pro at running for my life. I remember coming from underground where an alarm went off, back to the surface only to hear a very loud zombie roar(s). I went "O_O OH SHI-" then proceeded to RUN FOR MY GODDAMNED LIFE! It was awesome. Lovin this game so far.
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#2spike17spiegelPosted 4/12/2012 3:39:12 AM
Lol same here. I agree with you on some things like the oh s*** moments. Buy I really don't care much for day night cycle, its not taking anything away from the game at least for me. On another note this is the only zombie game that I actually fear the zombies. Not that they scary or hard its just here I actually think if I should right or run and that's real fun. I even close doors behind me so they can't get me. Or when you getting chased by a mob and you see a car that you can jump up on and catch your breath and desire what to do next.
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#3Mega_SkrullPosted 4/16/2012 6:49:24 AM
I think I agree with that. I'd add a complaint though, I really never got used to the ko system. The game is great and all, but I'll never be scared enough if there's no real death penalty. The money thing is tremendously annoying, but still, not losing any progress, you could just die die die die and still complete the game by insisting little by little.
Though, with that said, if there was death the difficulty would probably need some toning down, lol
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