xseed dropping hints about something that might be this.

#31Ness0123456789Posted 7/21/2012 1:20:19 PM
blade113355 posted...
I wouldn't mind DDing this for the 3DS, but Nintendo not having account based store services makes me not want it. If I lose my 3DS I would end up having to rebuy this as well, unlike the PSN one where I can just go back to my account.

This is really the only reason you wouldn't want a game to be DD, and that problem lies with Nintendo's lack of understanding of the online gaming space than Xseed's choice on how to distribute this.

I bought the game on the PSP because of two reasons:
A) It was out first.
B) Sony uses an online account system to keep track of purchased games.

Don't blame the publishers for wanting to make a game DD, as that often times is the best way to get niche or indie titles out to the masses more easily, and make more profit off them. Instead, blame the distributors themselves (in this case Nintendo) for making a very unsecured online distribution platform.
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