One month is too long for me!

#1cookieboy70Posted 4/25/2012 1:33:17 PM
Why not release it once per week? It will still last awhile, but the wait would at least be more bearable. Is development through episode 5 not finished yet or something?
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#2zavlinzPosted 4/25/2012 2:31:08 PM
Yeah, id say all the remaining episodes are still being finished, pollished and debugged. If they were ready enough to do it weekly they might as well release them all at the same time... which is eventually what happened with their jurassic park game.
#3segesticumPosted 4/26/2012 12:20:18 PM
Marketing stunt.

New episodes (season 3) in september.... its end of april when first game came out.
Last game goes out in late august.

This way Walking dead hype lives till new season starts airing ;)
#4DarthRevan247Posted 4/26/2012 3:11:14 PM
Yep was just thinking that they are just planning for the show to return.
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#5DC4everPosted 5/4/2012 10:33:32 PM
New episodes are starting in October from what I've heard. I'm satisfied with the monthly release. Hopefully some of the latter episodes will be longer than episode 1, but I'd rather have a little bit of new TWD every month than a big chunk, and then nothing for 4 months (with the exception of the graphic novel).
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#6gilv3rPosted 5/5/2012 10:56:26 PM
Might as well just wait 4 months lol.
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