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3 years ago#1
Aside from the reviews saying it had flawed combat, what can I expect? (Played Gothic 1-3 and Risen).
I played a mage in those games, but since it's now replaced with Voodoo, I believe, what exactly does that involve? (Obviously you aren't going to shoot fireballs). What playstyle suits that of a former mage?
3 years ago#2
Expect the same great atomsphere and enviorment from risen 1. Combat starts out horrendous but once you get the ropes around it, suprising not too bad. Fighting vs humans becomes fun but vs beast is broken. I can't help you on voodoo. I am pure fighter and gunner. My voodoo is at lvl 1 and I'm on 3rd island. Expect some graphical glitches. Even with some of its downfall, I'm enjoying it immensenly due to the atmosphere and great locations. Take the time to explore the island and don't rush through it. You'll find many treasures.

Also 1 tip starting out, keep patty by your side as long as possible. You will definately need her. Don't rush to her daddy or you will regret it :)
3 years ago#3
Thank you. How does this compare to the first, in your opinion? Better or worse? And do you still have alternate paths in quests and such? Siding with a different faction leads to different quests and all that. (Kind of why I loved the other games).

Another thing, how connected is it with the first Risen? Because I don't recall too much of the story, but I'll read up on it if it's important. (A lot of references or cameos and such?). You're still playing as the character from the first game?

I realize I should have done more research on it, but I saw it on steam earlier today and bought it instantly. If it's anything like the past games, I won't regret it. Even if the combat is flawed.
3 years ago#4
You are still playing as the nameless hero. You start out just a drunk hero who is slowly not being respected by his peers. I'm assuming even though he saved the island in risen 1, he lost all his powers in the end. You don't need to know the first story at all. Just nice to be able to recognize previous characters like patty. It just bring back memories from the first game.

Personally the pirate theme I am enjoying very much. The places you visit, slowly growing to become a captain of your own ship is a rewarding feeling. Explore everything in each island throughly because there are a lot of hidden treasures and like risen 1 adds to the immersion. You will have to revisit area once you level more to get some of the treasure.

Another tip, don't skimp on buying a map. Like all pirates you need a map :) I believe the IGN reviewer wasnt aware you needed to purchase a map to fast travel.
3 years ago#5
Got any more tips for a beginner player? I always look everywhere for hidden stuff, so I got that covered. I'm not that into pirates, but from what I hear, they nailed it so well it won't be a problem. Do they ever explain what happened to your powers in Risen? (I recall having to fight a titan or something? Might be mixing it with Gothic 4).

I'm also aware from reading some of the posts around here, that you have to pick between voodoo or guns at some point? Will picking one make the game a lot harder or maybe too easy?
3 years ago#6
Beginner tip: Buy the bone saw from the sugar cane shack guard (on the first island after you leave the burning city) at your first opportunity.
When you get to the second island visit the merchants in the native village and Inquisitor port town to try and find more animal collection tools. If you talk to the girl on the second floor of the garrison on the second island she'll give you a skinning knife for her quest. There's also a tooth extracting tool and a ritual knife (if you choose voodoo) If you want to go the voodoo oath keep most of the animal parts and plants you loot for potions and trinkets.

You can kill turkeys, rats, and little monkeys for a nice little exp gain but I recommed saving the little monkeys for later until you get the tools to collect their skulls.

As for voodoo vs. guns, voodoo is an interesting way to play because it gives you the opportunity to use voodoo dolls to control people as an alternate way to complete quests.
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3 years ago#7
What are downsides with voodoo and guns? Upsides as well, maybe? I gather than when used correctly, guns will steamroll the game for you, but voodoo is more interesting due to mind control?
3 years ago#8
I'm pretty sure if all you did was upgrade firearm, hard differculty will offset it. But if you are like me who enjoy conversing with NPC, most of those points will be distributed in Cunning (lock picking, stealing, smooth talker) and Toughness ( bullet/sword protection, Intimidation)

Combat for me is still challenging because I have yet to upgrade firearms and blades. But I can pretty much pick every lock at the moment and talk my away around things. With voodoo some quest can be easily completed without fighting because you can control the NPCs. But its really all preferences, really no downside. For me it was just hard to give up the musket. shooting in this game feels satisfying.

Last tip from me I guess, try to collect those legendary artifacts because they boost your stats greatly and helps in your ventures. You get clues to finding them by reading books or notes.
3 years ago#9
Thank you. I'll probably focus on smooth talking and such, if I can. Hope I won't get stuck because of it.
3 years ago#10
Thank you for this topic. It was really informative. I'm going to start playing tonight too. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to take voodoo. Didn't like Inquisition much in the last game either. Supported the mages.

How is the difficulty compared to Risen? I really enjoyed building my character slowly in combat (and also financially) from scratch in Risen.
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