Throwing Weapons. Useless?

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3 years ago#1
I know I just did a Dirty Tricks topic, but I think they should have seperate ones.

Did you guys find any use for the Throwing Weapons? The daggers are too expensive to really use, compared to the pistol, and you unfortunately hardly ever find them with loot.

I almost never hit something with the spear, it just seems to miss even when I hit the target. Even when it does hit, it does pitiful damage, even the "better" spear you get later on. On the other hand, cost does not seem a concern here, for obvious reasons that I shall not spoil, so if it gets better afterwards, it may just be worth it to have a really long ranged weapon for a Voodoo character. Anyone had any like with Throwing? Am I doing it wrong or something?
3 years ago#2
One of the 4 "legendary" weapons is a throwing dagger, it has a 10 second cool down and, for me, does almost as much damage as a gun (though I didn't level firearms).

I also use the spear when going up against big foes, throw one and run away until it recharges, repeat.

So in my opinion, it's not useless.
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3 years ago#3

Yeah, only luck I had with the spear yet was alternating that and the shotgun against people that were sitting ducks, but it seems so low damaging it's hardly worth the trouble. But a dagger would be nice, to alternate with the pistol.
3 years ago#4
I used the magic spear in boss fights (the Kraken, the one at the Temple of Fire and the one on Isle of Thieves) and only on 2-3 other occasions (mostly on Dead Island). Not really a great choice for small and fast foes. Its cooldown, range and 'infinite ammo' are cool, though. The magic dagger on the other hand, is the only secondary weapon I ever used after getting it - beats all the pistols (range, cooldown, ammo, skill bonus and damage combined). There is another equally good one you can get on Treasure Island. I didn't spend anything on dirty tricks. Perhaps I'll go through the game a second time and use these and firearms instead of swords and pistols, and test the shotguns - they seemed pretty effective when I tried them against cave spiders (almost without any related skills or bonus in firearms).
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