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3 years ago#1
I have no main quests in my log anymore. I have 4 relics, Patty doesnt say anything more anymore. First I went to dead Island for last I killed Garcia.How am I gonna make my way to water temple now I'm pretty confused.Can anyone help ?
3 years ago#2
You already spoke w/ steelbeard on the isle of the dead? He should have given you the location.
3 years ago#3
I already spoke to him because I've done the island of dead first when I could sail. But I dont have the location at the map. I also killed Harrok passing the dialogs but the quest stays still and I often right click passing some dialogs,Steelbeard ghost's was one of those. I think I got bugged in the same way. When I go back to Island of dead cant talk to him again of course. I think I will just load something way back and do only main quests = /
3 years ago#4
I havent gotten all of them yet but i think you go back to the leader of antigua, he is one of the people who knows you are collecting artifacts and wants you to focus on them before what happens next. So i assume he knows what to do next as well.

Also talk to patty, maybe she knows.

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