Corrientes Thunderstick and voodoo

#1HienLaiPosted 5/8/2012 8:21:00 PM
I went Inquisition on my initial playthrough and was planning on going voodoo for my 2nd but I was wondering if you can still get this musket as a quest reward. I'm hoping you can because I really dislike melee combat with animals and this musket is insanely good (75x2 damage). I figure if I pump guns attribute I'd have reasonable accuracy with it still without inquisition training.
#2bionicman_3090Posted 5/8/2012 9:46:57 PM
Yeah, that quest is independent of the path you choose, as far as I know. You'll eventually have to do that quest and can get that Musket as the quest reward.
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#3N3BurgenerPosted 5/8/2012 11:11:32 PM
Are you talking about the quest on Maracai, where you have to become either Hakeke or Zaalu's Halmak, and help one of them become the new chieftain? If so, then for whatever reason, I never had the option to side with Hakeke as a voodoo character.
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