Is there character creation on here?

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4 years ago#1
Is there character creation on here?
4 years ago#2

I don't expect it, it wasn't in part 1.

4 years ago#3
no creation, no buy.
4 years ago#4
Ok. =)
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4 years ago#5

You can wear different outfits, learn different skills, and trades. But no Mass Effect character customization.

4 years ago#6

The risen franchise isn't exactly an easy or simple one.  It's not skyrim, KOA, or mass effect... if you get turned off so much by not being able to customize the haircut of your character (which you might be able to, I haven't heard any definitive answers) then you might want to steer clear of risen.


This is a throwback rpg series that does it the way old rpgs used to be, no quest markers constantly pointing you the right way, different choices that actually close doors depending on who likes you and who doesn't... characters in the game die and never come back, even crucial ones, and if you steal from someone... they will NEVER forget it.  It's not for the type of gamer that plays RPG's nowadays, because right now RPG means lots of customization and quests/levels to grind while farming loot.... Risen is a franchise that tries to stress what RPG's are supposed to be, story driven games where you play and get immersed in a role.

4 years ago#7
More and more games are ignoring creation and this is a VERY bad trend.

I do not want to play the character some writer in canada wants me to play no matter how "cool" they think their main character is, I want to play my own creation.

Sad trend.
4 years ago#8
If you want a good story your character creation is probably going to be very limited to changing trivial things like hair color and style. There are much sadder recent trends in RPGs like level scaling, quests with no impact on the world, worthless NPCs with amnesia, and worst of all: hand-holding.

I suggest The Sims if you like creating characters, not every day is an RPG day!
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4 years ago#9
No but your dude is an awesome smart ass if he's anything like he was in 1, you'll be happy with him.
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4 years ago#10
wish there was character creation , or at least your chracter had a background but nope. I enjoyed the first game but it would have been nice too let us create something.
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