Where to find "general knowledge" (character card pics, etc?)

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3 years ago#1
The "Transformers Generations 1 Tech Spec" geek in me would like to be able to see all the character cards and their stats, as well as what all the Adventure Pack items do, etc.

I'm sure some of my answers can be found by the almighty "Search" tool, but are there any forums more Skylanders focused than GameFAQs? Anything else I've found has been a ghost town.


And thanks for things like the "Character Ratings Topics," guys. That's the sort of obsessive max/minning that I live for. :)

I'm late to the party (having only picked up Skylanders two days ago) and won't be able to number crunch as well as I'd like due to a lack of budget and lack of availability of figures.

I enjoy the numbers game as much as I enjoy PLAYING the games, I suppose, as the first thing I did was figure out which 3-packs would bring me the best "bang for the buck" (in terms of new elements, etc) and then confirm that they were sold out locally. Heh.
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3 years ago#2
The stats on the cards mean nothing at all, they are just for show.

The figures should be getting easier & easier to find now.
Most major retailers (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, & Frys) should have pretty decent selections.

As for the choices on figures, it really depends on your playstyle.

You really just need the 3 figures in the starter pack to beat the story mode.
Of course if you want to get all the ingame hats/treasures/scrolls then you need 5 more.

Air, Earth, Undead, Life, and Fire.

Of course if you got the 3DS version then you would need:

Water, Tech, Undead, Earth, & Air.

With the adventure packs (which do unlock 4 bonus levels) you get:

Water, Fire, Undead, and Earth (so you would need Air) (plus Tech for the 3DS version).

So unless you want all 32 of them, pick out the coolest looking figures.
It really does not matter in the story mode. If you are going for battles then try to grab the ones ranked high.

They are all available in single packs now, and ones like Bash & Stealth Elf should be really easy to find at most GameStops.
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3 years ago#3
The stats on the cards mean nothing at all, they are just for show.

They didn't mean anything back in the era of Transformers, either, but I still enjoyed seeing all of them. (And avidly disagreeing with them - my young mind couldn't wrap itself about the concept that a figure that didn't even come up to Soundwave's torso could somehow be stronger than him. Heh.)

I just like to be able to collect info - it doesn't ALL need to have practical use. At this point, I don't even know of a convenient site to go and see all of the figure models. They're on the main site, and you can get the "stats" if you wade through those pages and videos, but I'd still like to see a compilation of the cards if they exist somewhere ...

Since I'll probably only get one of each element, I'm trying to avoid getting too many "Zap"-tier characters if I can help it, and I'd like to have a variety of different combat styles.

Of course, I imagine some characters can shine in Campaign mode that couldn't do a thing in VS play, and Zap might well end up being the strongest of all characters in Giants just because the designers want to boggle everyone's mind. :)
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3 years ago#4
Well based on the ones I have:

Magic: Double Trouble is a fun as heck character.
His magic beam is homing and sticks to enemies like glue until they die.
His little mask helpers are fun as well.

Spyro is OK as a range fighter if you are good at dodging.
Though after awhile I barely used him in favor of better characters.

Tech: Drobot is a beast, sure he is kinda slow at first, but once you power up his eye lasers, look out.
He has auto fire, so just hold down the attack button and watch stuff die.
The only kinda useless power is the hover mode, but that goes away with the Soul Gem power of afterburners. Though it's kinda hard to guide him when he flys.

Trigger Happy is also pretty fun to play as, make sure to power up his guns, cause the other path is pretty useless.

Water: Gill Grunt is a really good long range character.
Make sure to upgrade his spear gun as much as possible.
His jetpack thing is pretty fun to go around quickly with.

Slam Bam (from the Empire of Ice Adventure Pack) is an OK mellee attacker.
Though he pales in comparison to other characters.

Undead: Ghost Roaster (from Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack) is rather fun to play with.
Though his most effective weapon is the "Ectoplasm Head Charge", so he could get kinda boring.

Cynder is pretty cool, but maybe I am playing her wrong, cause she seems kinda weak when compared to Ghost Roaster. Her shadow dash attack is cool looking, but hard to see where you are going in big areas (boss battles), and her lightning breath is rather weak.

Earth: Bash is really really slow, but his rolling attack gets him closeup where he can hurt.
His tail attack does more damage than any other attack in the game.

Terrafin (from Pirate Seas Adventure Pack) is another fun character.
Though he is a bit one dimensional with his burrowing shark attack.

Life: Stealth Elf is a kick butt character. She is quick, sneaky and very deadly.
Make sure to upgrade the knife path, where she really shines.
Get any enemy in range and just wail on the attack button and they fall really quickly.
Plus with her speed, she makes the best character for the "get through the level in a certain amount of time " goal. Plus after you upgrade her speed on some Heroic Challenges, she can blow through many of the other challenges with ease.

Stump Smash seems kinda slow, but he could be a fun character to play.
I really have not messed with him that much yet.

Fire: Flameslinger is another sniper character, who is pretty decent if you can keep your distance from enemies.

Sunburn (from Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack) seems rather bad.
Again maybe I am not playing him right. His fire breath is rather weak, though you can use it like a hose. His teleport is supposed to be good, but I can't figure out how to control where it goes.
His dash move looks cool, but does not last long.

Air: Sonic Boom is a fun character. His roar attack is pretty good, and his little buddies (that hatch out of eggs) are fun to use.

Whirlwind is a cutesy character (since it's a girl) but if you play her right she seems pretty good.
Though it might take a bit to get used to shooting her rainbow attacks at the little whirlwind attacks she also has. The rainbow of doom attack is great for blocking a door where powerful enemies might be coming from.
Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever
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