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hope someone agrees with we when is say... (Archived)haseo272785/17/2012
To the people complaining about Tails tag flying: (Archived)AlexxPB25/17/2012
sonic iv ep ii... great improvements! (Archived)typhoonikan55/17/2012
Can't get Episode Metal by combining JP and US version... (Archived)Majin_Reid65/17/2012
Jegus Chris can this get any easier? (Archived)
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GREAT improvement but whats with the timed demo? (Archived)Halo_Of_The_Sun105/17/2012
Rank 1 on leaderboard... (Archived)Jay6_25/17/2012
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 on PlayStation Vita (Archived)supermoc1015/17/2012
The 'Lock-On' (Archived)Snartt92105/17/2012
Anyone know the trophy list? Is there an awful "no damage" one like in Ep 1? (Archived)AceAndJunpei75/16/2012
About the Golden Wave Trophy <Final Boss Spoilers> (Archived)Adrian204045/16/2012
only one red ring per level? (Archived)LonelyGoomba75/16/2012
Do both people need to have unlocked the stage in order to play together online? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei55/16/2012
I'm Actually on the First page :O (Archived)craelon15/16/2012
Is there any bonus for having a save file of Episode 1 with all emeralds? (Archived)SuperShadowAce25/16/2012
My only gripe with this game... (Archived)
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Destructoid review (Archived)
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red ring in second oil level (Archived)iori_iezzi25/16/2012
Sign this topic if you have all the trophies. (Archived)Frosted_Midna65/16/2012
So, is there a BEST ending or what?!! (Archived)legaiaflame225/16/2012
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