Yes! Publicity!

#1ItsaMeMarioooPosted 10/6/2011 11:54:42 PM
I recently picked up Team Fortress 2, and they have the Spacechem Pin and Fishcake, which can both be crafted in TF2 by transferring items that you can get in Spacechem over to TF2. Needless to say, big publicity.

To get the TF2 items, go to the main screen. In the bottom left is this gold bar thingy and a map, click on it. Then there are 3 levels which each give you the materials necessary to make the Spacechem Pin and Fishcake.

I completed the first two levels in about 5 minutes, but I have spent upwards of 2 hours on the third and I have scrapped 4 setups so far and restarted. So difficult!!!!!!!
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