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The Art of Warfare (TAW) was formed in March of 2001 by members who were playing Delta Force: Land Warrior and they wanted to form something special. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into a World Class Gaming Community...
TAW is made up of over 1300 gamers from around the world. These gamers have come together with a common vision of Honor, Friendship, Loyalty, and Fair Play.
TAW continues to adapt itself to the ever-changing landscape of gaming; however TAW is steadfast with its http://taw.net/wikis/welcome/our-code-of-ethics.aspx. This is our bedrock in a world of games and clans that come and go.
Why should you join TAW now? Because Tribes: Ascend is a new game, it is being created in TAW's "New Game Division" called Vanguard. Vanguard is a place in TAW where new games are spun-up, teams are built, leadership is found and the bonds of organization are formed. Joining now will let you have an impact on how this new division/game will be shaped as it grows to join the other 20+ games divisions within TAW.

TAW Gives You:
-unique organized gaming experience, more than the casual public game.
-specialized training to bring out your potential as a leader.
-fellowship with a diverse group of 1300+ gamers in 20+ games from all over the world and from many timezones, in TAW there are always games going on 24 hours a day.
-opportunities for competitive teams to challenge other clans from all over the world.
-website @ Taw.net where game and user-generated content is published.
-Teamspeak 3 server for all members to use as our main gathering place when gaming.
-X-fire, Steam, Facebook and Twitter groups.
-merchandise shop for T-shirts, hats, pins, posters and other items for specific games or general TAW-themed goods.
-monthly newsletter featuring updates, interviews, articles and the latest & greatest on what's happening around TAW.

What are the requirements to join TAW?
-15 years of age or older.
-mature gamers who are interested in team-based play.
-have a working microphone.
-speak English
-willing to commit to two matches per week (real life comes first, so occasional misses are OK).
-TAW is FREE, there are no membership dues!
-TAW accepts people from any country in any timezone. Our 1300+ gamers hail from many regions and nations.

How do you join TAW's Tribes Ascend team?
Because Tribes: Ascend is a new game, it is being created in TAW's "new game division" called Vanguard. To join TAW's Tribes Ascend team simply:
1. go to taw.net
2. click the big "JOIN TAW" button on the top right of the page.
3. follow the steps to create a new account.
4. select Tribes Ascend as the game you want to join.

When does TAW's Tribes Ascend team meet?

-American meeting times: Thursday and Sunday at 9 pm
-European meeting time: Thursday and Sunday at 9 pm
-Oceanic meeting time: Thursday and Sunday at 8 pm
(if you are not from those regions, you may still join those units as long as you can make those times)

How does membership in TAW work?
When you join TAW, you become a member of a specific game division. However, we all use one teamspeak 3 server as our gathering place and you can always see the other TAW members when they are online. You can always play with other games in TAW.

If you've played other games, chances are you've seen us around. We have built a respected and formidable reputation over the last decade. Make the choice to join TAW today. We are waiting for you. Click this button to get started.


Alltough its not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you add your steam ID
doing the Application. As we all know, Tribes still lack a friends-chat or something similar.
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Akali is my waifu. <3
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Why Thursday and Sunday? And at 9pm? Most people work, and I have a very horrid work schedule(I'm posting this via phone). For example, considering what time I get up every day for work, how far my commute is each way, and when I get home and have to be in bed, there's no way I could do something like this.

What's worse, I really wish I could. I really would like to join a group or team that isn't a bunch of stuck up dicks. Unfortunately, someone in my shoes will forever be cursed to play public games where there's no balance, team play, and tons of non-stop whining about how this isn't tribes.
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He said its 8pm for Oceanic.. I assume its that late BECAUSE people work
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Our Oceanic batallion has decided to start their trainings at 8pm AEST as this is the time that works the best for the vast majority of people. It is late enough for people to be home from work, and early enough that it should not encroach on anything else. However, in TAW we do recognize that real life comes first, and if you were to miss some trainings every now and again because of work etc that is fine. All we ask is that you let us know before hand and it is all fine.
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just two questions. Do u have to be a high level player to join? And are the american meeting times, eastern, western or central? Thanx. Would love to join but just started playing Tribes.
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No, there is no level requirement to join!
Also, the NA meeting times are EST :)
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Any of you guys considering joining should definitely give it a shot. We've got a great group of players and we're still growing. Pretty much every practice there seems to be a couple of new recruits.

I've only been in for about a month now but it's been great fun playing with a group of people who actually communicate and play the objectives. Once we get a private server things will get even better. See you guys in game hopefully!
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