Jackal worth it?

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4 years ago#1
Topic. is it great, or is it just a better/worse ARX Buster?
4 years ago#2
It's amazing. Each shot does 500 damage and it shoots 3 at about the same rate as the arx, but the manual detonation makes it way better. You can kill mediums and lights almost instantly as well as create traps (near the generator or even on the flagstand, lol) that are capable of doing 1500 damage. When the trap is set you can cloak and wait there until someone walks by, and you don't even decloak when you detonate it.

It's even great at chasing enemy flag carriers, since you can fire it at the ground far in front of them and just detonate it as they pass over it.

It still feels OP after the last patch, but it's really fun to use ^.^ It's the best weapon in the game, IMO.
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4 years ago#3
Is it better than the Arx buster at taking out structures?
4 years ago#4
It's a little weaker than the Arx for destroying the enemy base, since it does 100 less damage per shot and the shots drop off more (shorter range). Also the INF can't avoid turret fire while firing, unlike the raider with his jammer pack.
i3 540 / HIS 6850 1GB / 8GB GSkill 1333 / 80GB Intel SSD / 1TB WD Black / Z9+ Case /. Win7-Linux dual-boot
4 years ago#5
Spammy weapon for tards.
4 years ago#6
Sounds like EatShanna has been owned by a few INFs. :)
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4 years ago#7
Not really.

Inf who use it are actually pretty easy to deal with.

Hell, thanks to the increase in INFs who think this new weapon means they don't have to use stealth anymore and can just spam stickies I've been getting more doubles and triples..

It's only a problem when you're preoccupied and someone sticks you from behind(gigity).

Like I said, spammy weapon for tards, any self respecting INF uses the stealth spinfusor. :)
4 years ago#8

From: EatShanna | #005
Spammy weapon for tards.

And the spinfusor isn't?
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4 years ago#9
Seems like an okay weapon. No more annoying to play against than the stealth spinfusor.
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3 years ago#10
To answer your question yes, it obviously is worth it.

Best gun in the game on the easiest to play class in the game.
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