About the sentinel, shotgun and xp and other q's...

#1Hugh ManateePosted 4/8/2012 11:28:26 PM
I just unlocked sentinel, I like it's nova blaster(i've used it to run down a few cappers) and the land mine is fun as hell, but with the sniper rifle I seem to be hitting for about 3-400, is that normal? Do headshots get more damage or what? It seems like it should do a flat percentage, like 33% of total HP for a leg/arm, 66% for a body hit and 90% for the head...

Also what is the effective range on the pathfinder's shotgun? Is the assault rifle that replaces it worth the XP? Cause I can't hit **** with the shotgun unless i'm like right next t o the guy... It's almost easier to hit em wit the spinfusor or to get up on them and stab em.

And about XP, aside form "not sucking" what sort of behavior gets me the most XP per match(right now it seems i get 500-800 xp with and am usually in the top 5 in score at level 6, usually 1-3 caps with about 5-10 kills). I like CTF the best so far and I tend to end up multitasking in CTF maps, swapping armors and spawning stuff as needed but I don't usually get on the top achiever board. If I stick to the engineer and hang around the base repairing stuff do I still get XP as if I go hunting or capping?
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#2Timbo418Posted 4/9/2012 4:43:43 AM
The Sentinel cannot kill anyone in one hit. Headshots do not do extra damage, but you do get an accolade for a headshot kill.
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#3jake-sfPosted 4/9/2012 8:42:41 AM
The sniper needs to charge, didn't you notice the bars and the charging sound? A fully charged shot does 500 damage minus falloff.
#4Ikpa_VatryxPosted 4/9/2012 12:47:34 PM
The base amount of XP depends on how long the match lasted. A 10 minute match would net twice as much XP than a 5 minute one. In addition, your position on the scoreboard gives you up to 25% more XP, and everyone in the winning team gets an additional 25% bonus. A VIP gets 50% more than a normal player, and someone using a booster gets double XP (three times as much as a non-VIP).

TL;DR: An engineer and a capper get the same amount of XP.
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