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#1HydroponicPosted 4/23/2012 7:55:51 AM
Hey everyone, Hydro Bear here..
This feels so close to the real Tribes, it's great! Just a few questions..

What perks will most closely resemble my energy pack from T2? Also, does anyone know if Mods will be made available and map editors? T2V2 was my favorite... Look forward to playing with everyone!
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#2misterwugglesPosted 4/23/2012 12:03:39 PM
Not much experience with Tribes 2 so I can't help too much with that first question. I assume you just want as much energy as possible so you can get as much airtime as possible? If so, I'd say this is one of the biggest differences. I'm no pro but it feels to me like Tribes Ascend is a lot more about a balance of skiing and jetting than just jetting. It's a bit less about having tons of airtime, and the only time you're really going to see that is on high speed routes. I don't think any perks affect energy regen, but you can at least start off by getting the second Ultra Capacitor perk to use as your secondary for a total of +20 energy from your perk slots. Determination is terrible anyway and the second Ultra Capacitor doesn't need to be upgraded so it's a pretty good choice for a nice all-around first perk purchase.

As for custom mods and maps, I would say it's very unlikely. With a F2P model it's in their best interest to be the only ones releasing content. Not really much point in trying to release a new gun or a new map if the players are creating more popular stuff themselves.

It's kind of a shame since custom content was a large part of what was awesome about Tribes (heck, Ascend probably more closely resembles Shifter mod than it does base Starsiege), but I'm hoping Hi-Rez is committed enough to making it to where we don't NEED the custom content. So far based on the game play and the community I have pretty high hopes, but we'll see.

Also, although I didn't end up playing Tribes 2 for too long your name is very familiar. Were you in a theme clan where everyone had a similar naming scheme?
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[GC] Golden Circle.. We are the Bears... Nice to meet you
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