honestly, this game is a mixed bag...

#11BIadeBIadePosted 10/5/2012 7:29:13 AM
it was considered horrible because it has a really high skillcap and it came out a couple of months before Halo 3, so it was never really noticed.
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GoW_In_NH posted...
Shadowrun was great. I wish it had got more attention.

Right. It was a mix of counterstrike with an action RPG. It did have a high learning curve with the one life per round and lack of considerable autoaim though.
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BoswerLK posted...
...that's probably because half the maps in this game are exactly the same anyways

I meant $5 being reasonable as compared to grinding for 36 hours

I agree that this game has a ton of issues, and if released in the era of fast FPS, this game would've been a joke. but my point is, what else are you gonna play now if you want to play a new fast FPS?

I personally didn't stop playing quake 2 until like 2 years ago. this genre isn't exactly booming at the moment. there is no Q3A or UT2k4 to choose over T:A. its closest competitors are TF2 and painkiller...and both of those are pretty old by now anyways, and not exactly without their own issues

Ya might want to try out Warsow if you haven't.
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#14AColdOnionPosted 10/30/2012 9:32:15 PM
people are just mad cause its not like CoD "point click kill"

this game is for the more hardcore gamer not the mainstreamer.

if you dont like it...you can Geeeetowwwwwt!!!
#15Anubis_DracPosted 10/31/2012 12:21:35 PM
From: AColdOnion | #014
people are just mad cause its not like CoD "point click kill"

this game is for the more hardcore gamer not the mainstreamer.

if you dont like it...you can Geeeetowwwwwt!!!

I almost hope you're trolling.

That sentiment would have been relatively valid about 6 months ago or so, but honestly, the game has had long enough to prove itself.
The fact is that there is a lot of room for improvement, and automatically assuming that there are no valid criticisms that deserve anything but a "go back to CoD" response is part of the problem. Heck, at this stage, I think maybe even Hi-Rez has just about given over to that line of thinking, and the last thing we need is them using it as an excuse not to attempt to improve the game.

Funnily, if anything, a lot of the problems in Ascend relate to them trying too much to make it mainstream and appeal to the CoD "point click kill" crowd. It's not nearly as much of a lolhardcore novel/niche game as its predecessors. Right now Ascend is basically in an awkward flux between being a tribes game and being a TF2 reinterpretation, without really accomplishing either definitively, although still (imo) warranting some play time as opposed to other contemporary options.

Meh...I didn't agree with everything TC's review said when it was posted, and in fact, found that it hardly gave me any impression beyond what the typical player might think after giving the game a couple hours of play without really looking into it. However, that doesn't change the fact that the criticisms were leaning in the right direction, and the issues only get worse over time when they are not addressed (although props to Hi-Rez for addressing some of the issues raised since then).