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Two Years After Development Ceased, Tribes: Ascend Being Supported Again (Archived)Grizzmeister49/7 6:35AM
Hello? Tribes board? People still on this board? Also, Infiltrator help plz. (Archived)G3_Razor112/12/2013
Anyone still play? (Archived)mikel86110/8/2013
What's with the lack of updates lately? (Archived)Ultimate_Umbreo29/11/2013
Is this game still active? (Archived)me112234/24/2013
Favourite Tribes: Ascend class? (Poll)eragonman913/31/2013
Wow, the learning curve in this game is ridiculously steep. (Archived)squidgy61743/3/2013
Does the GotY deal give you all the skins? (Archived)Major_Blowback22/16/2013
Tribes Ascend Single-Purchase Option (Archived)Anubis_Drac42/15/2013
Is Tribes Losing Players? (Archived)
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Despite my [many] complaints, this was my favorite game of 2012 (Archived)BlueGunstarHero41/7/2013
Like the dev blog transparency so far. (Archived)Anubis_Drac1012/14/2012
Is Steam Or The Game Having Troubles? (Archived)Transdude312/11/2012
After filling out the survey (Archived)Megawizard611/28/2012
honestly, this game is a mixed bag... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Are you experiencing more lag moments than before? (Archived)BlueGunstarHero410/8/2012
Is it wrong to love doing this so much? (Archived)BlueGunstarHero69/15/2012
Which Team Do You Normally Play As? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Death Durron119/13/2012
Try Fatfinding some time. (Archived)Xion35049/12/2012
Class for a new player? (Archived)
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