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Why am I getting cussed out for using assault rifle? (Archived)RasBriggins57/8/2012
Anyone have trouble entering a game? (Archived)ragedemonz57/8/2012
So what kind of gear should I invest in as a raider? (Archived)INSANEHYENA37/8/2012
LAN Play? (Archived)biomatter37/8/2012
Recommended load-outs / class for a newbie? Been watching videos for a bit. (Archived)
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What's up with the Steam version? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Any fps configs? (Archived)GaMeKzwner10157/6/2012
[Video] Have you ever seen a Shrike's RoadKill in generator? (Archived)kerkeiat17/5/2012
Is the Starter Pack the cheapest thing I can buy to become VIP? (Archived)coldfingaz67/4/2012
Steam Version (HELP!!!) (Archived)07239627/4/2012
Any payment option other than credit card? (Archived)XxTrifuzzxX27/4/2012
Simplest question I will ever ask: How do I suppress the tips? (Archived)Golden Nirvana47/4/2012
I really dislike this game. (Archived)
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Video card issues? (Archived)MRW121517/3/2012
[Video, youtube's channel] KerKe Is A Troll, gameplay, frag movie. (Archived)kerkeiat17/3/2012
I occasionaly will pop out of the game to the desktop. help? (Archived)DKlethal17/2/2012
I downloaded during beta. Can I move those files over to steam directory... (Archived)Trepper67/2/2012
5 flag caps. (Archived)The_Octavarium57/2/2012
Problems with steam version (Archived)QQQZQQQ37/2/2012
Worth a download? (Archived)ViolentJericho56/29/2012
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