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If you want to get better at dueling, play TDM for a week (Archived)Dartkun25/17/2012
Does upgrading the radius on mine type weapons upgrade the detection radius? (Archived)Bruceky25/13/2012
How many of you gold and platinum leverl players use boosters? (Archived)HAZman2735/13/2012
Is this the correct place to download? (Archived)0o_ZeroWing_o035/12/2012
oh man, doombringer is seriously OP as f*** (Archived)
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How to get rid of tip window (Archived)Nigthguy85/12/2012
Do any of the servers have bots? (Archived)SenatorHarrison35/10/2012
is the perk rage any good? (Archived)Bruceky35/10/2012
Wtf is a "Llama"? (Archived)
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I find it really hard to.. hit anything.. (Archived)l3lueJACKrabbit55/9/2012
Thumper seems pretty broken. (Archived)ImperialDragon55/8/2012
Tartarus update discussion (Archived)Ikpa_Vatryx55/8/2012
Damn it, Play D Play D Play D Play D Play DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (Archived)Dartkun95/8/2012
I'm sick of seeing heavies everywhere (Archived)
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Bug with the +1 Pack ammo? (Archived)HotCell45/7/2012
Destructoid Vs. Machinima (Archived)ace197715/7/2012
No longer getting "First Win of the Day" bonus? (Archived)Phase 865/6/2012
difference between classes? (Archived)neo_one356695/6/2012
No matter which team I pick, it's always the one... (Archived)YouAreCrumbs25/5/2012
Raid & Pillage update discussion (Archived)
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