How To Unlock All Guitarcade Games

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I started a new profile this morning, and I now have all of the Guitarcade games unlocked. Following this is a summary of how I did it. Those with asterisks are unproven hypotheses but are based on the data I gathered.

RSP at the time of unlocking each of these five games was 100RSP (amount after Soundcheck).

Super Slider = complete the Slides Technique Challenge with a score of 0 or better
Big Swing Baseball = complete the Bends Technique Challenge with a score of 0 or better
Quick Pick Dash = complete the Tremolo Technique Challenge with a score of 0 or better
Dawn of the Chordead = complete the Chords Technique Challenge with a score of 0 or better
Harmonically Challenged = complete the Harmonics Technique Challenge with a score of 0 or better

Now here's what I believe you have to do to get the other three games:

Ducks = Achieve "qualify" status for one song.
Super Ducks* = Achieve "qualify" status for ten songs.
Scale Runner* = Achieve "qualify' status for fifteen songs.

Here is the data from when I unlocked Ducks, Super Ducks, and Scale Runner during the normal Event Rehearsal in the Career Mode:

Scored 4,146 - I Can't Get No Satisfaction - 95% & Qualified - UNLOCKED DUCKS
---994,314RSP at the time of unlocking Ducks, this was the first song completed

+++++ Created new profile and played this song in the usual Career Mode and stopped playing after I reached 2,046 points (57% - the event qualifier is 1,900 for this song). At the end of the song, I got the "qualified" status and unlocked Ducks [2,146RSP total at this point]. +++++

Scored 70,194 - Where Is My Mind? - 95% & Qualified - UNLOCKED SUPER DUCKS
---2,145,663RSP at the time of unlocking Super Ducks, this was the 10th song completed

+++++ Created new profile and went to try this song immediately after soundcheck; during the event playthrough I scored 30,815, 94% (does not qualify you in this mode), then I tried a rehearsal practice and scored 43,556, 98% (does not qualify you in this mode). These two playthroughs did not unlock Super Ducks, nor did it unlock Ducks, as it did not qualify me in the end, which I believe is the requirement. Finally, I changed the first set list at the Power House to include "Unnatural Selection" and "Where Is My Mind?". Although I qualified for both of those songs, just playing those songs does not unlock Super Ducks or Scale Runner. +++++

. Scored 34,671 - Unnatural Selection - 95% & Qualified - UNLOCKED SCALE RUNNER
---2,888,424RSP at the time of unlocking Scale Runner, this was the 15th song completed.

I also noted that Encores or Double Encores during Events do not affect the "Qualify" number, unless they used really strange benchmarks. With encores, I unlocked the Super Ducks at 14, and Scale Runner at 23... without Encores, it was 10 and 15, respectively.

Hope this helps. If you want the entire list of data, I'd be glad to post it... maybe you could come up with a different theory to test. If anyone can confirm the hypotheses of Super Ducks and/or Scale Runner, I'd appreciate it.
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thank you for the post. you are the first person to answer the scale runner question. i will be trying it now. thank you
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That's a nice post Chaos and thanks. I'll have to do less mini games and technique challenges for a day or two so that I can get scale runner.

Also, are you a Quality Control Analyst? If not I would suggest you look into it. The software industry needs quality control analysts with your tenacity and attention to detail. :)
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Thanks for the compliment. I'm currently working for a large corporation and one primary function of my job is quality control for data. However, I'm going to a nearby university in Spring 2012 to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science, concentrating on Software Engineering. If there was any way that I could get my foot in the door of a software company now, even part-time, I'd be glad to do some QA.
Dodongo dislikes smoke.
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