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5 years ago#1

Hey guys, I picked up this game today and it works pretty well. The lag isn't even that bad even though I'm using HDMI. Will switch to component cables later. The problem I'm really having with this game is that occasionally my guitar makes this buzzing noise. 

If I palm mute any of the strings it usually stops the noise, but it gets annoying. On some songs (Satisfaction in particular) it's extremely loud and noticable. Sometimes duing the soundcheck on that song, I have to go out of my way to mute some strings, otherwise it won't let me continue and says the guitar is out of tune (when it's in tune).

I've tried fiddling around with the tone knobs and the volume knob but I can't find the right setting if that's what it takes. Anybody have any idea of how to fix this?

5 years ago#2
Mute the strings you aren't using, with your fret hand. If you just started playing, you are probably sloppy, and have a lot of excess noise. Just work on accuracy, and muting the strings you aren't using.
5 years ago#3
It really shouldn't be happening at all though. If I'm not even touching my strings and they are buzzing that's an indication of a problem. And I'm not "sloppy" to the point where I'm playing random notes without realizing if that's what you mean. I will try to do a truss rod adjustment on it and see if that helps but I can't think of anything else that would be wrong.
5 years ago#4
If they're buzzing when you're not playing at all, then I don't think a truss rod adjustment is going to do anything for you. It sounds like it might just be feedback. Do you have a Kinect? I read that you can get feedback through the Kinect microphone. Try disconnecting it if you have one.
5 years ago#5
No Kinect.. but there are other electronic devices in the area if that matters at all.
5 years ago#6
Strings will vibrate without you touching them, that's why you need to mute any strings you're not playing if you can. If you have an acoustic guitar, try singing a note into the soundhole; you'll hear the strings hum the note back to you.

It might be due to electronic interference like they said, or it might be that your guitar isn't properly shielded from electronic interference. Pick up some copper or aluminum shielding tape from a local music shop and apply it to the inside of the back of the guitar; there are guides online. Cheaper guitars often produce more feedback because they're not properly shielded.
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5 years ago#7
My guess is it is poorly grounded or a shielding problem as mentioned previously.
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5 years ago#8
Might be grounding as well. I'm thinking maybe there's a wire or something inside that got loose. I don't really have the expertise or the patience to really open up the guitar and check for those things or know how to fix them though. I'm considering just going to Guitar Center and seeing if they can service it. Anybody know how much that would cost? Never done it before.
5 years ago#9
It could be electronic interference. My room doesn't have a lot of standing area and whenever I play my guitar, if the tv is on and I'm slightly near it, I get buzzing feedback.

If it's really loud, something must be close that's causing it. Could be a tv, radio, ipod. Who knows.
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5 years ago#10
I'd strongly recommend looking up a guide online to do it yourself, and ask around on a forum if necessary, especially if your guitar is cheap. Better to learn it now than after you've moved up to a $800 guitar and played a few gigs. There's not much inside there, open it up and see, it's not so intimidating. Music shops will do basic maintenance for $20-$50, but it's like paying a guy to hook up your Xbox, not like paying someone to remove your dog's kidney.
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