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3 years ago#1
I'm really glad that they are constantly doing songs for DLC on Rocksmith. Its been a while since I've played the game, and have quite a few songs to pick up when I start playing again.

However, I really hope they get rights to a lot more songs soon. Stuff from the 90s, even some softer songs would be kinda cool sometimes too. Like The Smiths or Coldplay.

Either way, I'm still glad that I bought this game right when it came out. And if they are working on a Rocksmith 2, I don't know what they'd do for that one that patches couldn't do for Rocksmith 1...
3 years ago#2
Here's all I want in Rocksmith 2 that would get me to give them my money:

60 new songs
Rocksmith 1 export, including all DLC
A decent user interface that allows me to sort through songs and get some level of information out of it
Bass support

They don't need to do anything else.
3 years ago#3
I played bass before guitar, and I'm almost surprised how many people are asking for it.

As far as I know, FAR less people own a bass of their own. At the church I go to, I think that there are two people who own a bass...or at least play at the church...and the other person is a lefty.

Out of that same group of people, I'd bet that 30 percent of the people either own a guitar themselves, or someone in their house owns one.

It'd be cool especially if there was online co-op and such things. But what about 5-strings? and if your bass doesn't have 24 frets? Just sayin'...

However I might be annoyed if Rocksmith 2 included all the DLC that I've paid money for, however porting all of Rocksmith 1 and DLC that you own over to 2 would be a must.
3 years ago#4
Great news regarding bass support! Someone from Ubisoft Tweeted that they just started internal testing for a bass expansion pack. Elsewhere it was stated that all existing songs in the gaem (I BELIEVE this includes DLC as well) will get bass arrangements. Details here:


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