can u import road to glory player from NCAA 12?

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I haven't tried it yet as I'm still dwelling on dynasty and franchise modes. And if so how does your player look and how Are his ratings?
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Able to go into detail about stats eg if he is a star in college does he have higher stats?
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Not sure about that. I just seen the option to import a college player.called road to impact
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All I know is when I imported my first class "2011 Class" I was looking forward of playing my QB from Stanford that went to the draft, but when the draft was over and I went though all the QB's there where not one QB that was from Stanford, I dont know what the heck class this is that was so called "Imported" from NCAA 2012 but it wasnt the one I imported, its like they made up there own random class it said the only player from Stanford was a SS and he was an overall rating of a 72 and a pot. of C which was BS because there wasnt a SS in my 2011 class that went to the draft... Weird... They really flopped on this years madden...
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I think TC is talking bout the game mode not the franchise