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Streaks are cool and all, but... (Archived)masterwampatoga35/29/2012
new list read below (Archived)megasmurf0615/28/2012
If you don't agree with this, you are trolling. (Archived)masterwampatoga65/28/2012
LeastJet278669 is a SCAMMER!!! (Archived)megasmurf0615/28/2012
NEED a legendary reggie white (Packers edition) (Archived)TonyBennek15/28/2012
Saints deserve to have their Super Bowl vacated and Brees records asterisked. (Archived)
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Team Names announcers can say? (Archived)igottheclap35/27/2012
I'm tired of balls sailing over my head. (Archived)masterwampatoga35/27/2012
where can i find this cheap? (Archived)poisonrules5635/26/2012
draft classes? (Archived)jasonrkline25/26/2012
When you start a Franchise, do you usually sign T.O.? (Archived)CM101Play35/26/2012
please, does anyone have an extra online madden passcode??? (Archived)ballin17235/24/2012
tired of playing chumps.... (Archived)fredw101955/23/2012
What determines you user success? (Archived)masterwampatoga25/23/2012
making a difficutly between all pro and all madden (Archived)
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Something FIFA does way better than Madden. (Archived)arachnidd15/22/2012
Xbox Live required for updated rosters? (Archived)grudensjockstra15/21/2012
$9.99 New at Best Buy DOTD (Archived)Dre_Sizzle45/20/2012
Injuries in franchise mode. (Archived)masterwampatoga25/19/2012
Online Support (Archived)APHughes25/17/2012
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