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4 years ago#1
Hey can you import your draft class from NCAA 2011 ps2 to Madden NFL 2012?
4 years ago#2
you have to have a saved draft class on your memory card,from the ncaa 11 game.first .After the superbowl has been played it will ask you if you want to proceed to the offseason,after it asks you this it will ask you if you wish to import a draft class from your memory cards,if you have a class on the card highlight the draft class and ok should proceed to the offseason whilst uploading your draft class .but it should begin to ask <for the import>right after the superbowl has been played carefull not tpo upload the draft class with cam newton already on
4 years ago#3
sorry if my messaging is a little sloppy ,i am dealing with a kidney stones thing while trying to be on this sight at the same i have a very bad back.but i will try to help on this madden sight as much as i can.hopefully this helps you out some
4 years ago#4
Okay thank you so much for your help sir, so I will skip one draft and import the draft classs from the year 2011 season :) OMG sir are you okay, what is your name I will pray for you, thank you so much for helping even though your in serious condition :(
4 years ago#5
ive been playing madden ,ncaa since 2004.but no the other thing is that i have tumors on my sometimes things dont come the way i want them sometimes...
4 years ago#6
oops yes skip the prompt to download the 2010 season and go to the 2011 import class.and the rookies you loaded on the card should be in the upcoming rookie class in the off season.
4 years ago#7
Thank you for your help young sir, I will pray that you will live a long time, the reason I asked that is because I created an all UofM football team on NCAA and only draft Wolverines!
4 years ago#8
life is a painfull struggle but,anyhow i posted some stuff for sliders an wharnot that i wouldnt mind your insight on,if you dont mind.
4 years ago#9
Sorry it took so long to get back to you sir, but where at sir? I do not see the message you were refering to?
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