madden 12 new features

#1delavega2010Posted 2/8/2012 1:21:03 PM
i dont think there are any.if you know of some please post here ok.other than peyton hillis on the cover i think thats all the new features that were added to the ps2 version.a few rookies here and there,but 40 bucks for madden 11 with the exception of peyton hillis on the cover at least you can upload the ncaa 11 draft classes onto your madden 12.just gotta make sure you dont add the draft class containing cam newton in it .lol<pretty sure its draft class 11.mine for some reason was draft class 10 with cam newton in it.>.ttyl.i will post some sliders for all madden 2morro.i feel they are very be the judge ok.only sincere opinions on the sliders 2morro though
#2TingNongNoyPosted 2/22/2012 3:56:12 PM
Read the cover of Madden 2006 and you'll see what the new features for Madden 12 are.