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5 years ago#1
try these sliders out and tell me what you think.
offense.human first then cpu
qb accuracy14/08
pass blocking07/08
wr catching11/09
rb ability16/11
run blocking14/13

break block20/16

special teams
fg length09/07
fg accuracy01/03
ount length09/14
ount accuracy02/11
kickoff length08/09

coach sliders
3/4 west coast/contain passing
passive /aggressive 50/50
running backs1/2..50/50
passive /aggresive40/60
15 minute clock with accelerated clock on
sub out at 84.sub in at 95
penalties all maxed out except defensive pass interferience set at minus 2.
anyhow try these out and you should find they are very close to actual real life stats.<not 100 percent of course but i feel they are very good>
positive feedback only please.
5 years ago#2
i frogrot to mention these sliders are for all madden mode
5 years ago#3
What are the numbers mean? 14/08 for example please explain it better sir :)

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