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4 years ago#1
My Gil Grunt won't activate on the portal. He flashed briefly on the screen then nothing. Now I get no response for the figure.
Be Were
4 years ago#2
you might have a broken one and have to go back to the store and trade it for another. at one of the stores i went to they were tossing the boxes around like they had nothing in them.
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4 years ago#3
I found out you can go to Activisions website and request a replacement figure for free. there is a 120 or160 day warranty on them and you don't have to send back the original.
Be Were
4 years ago#4
I had the exact same problem except with Trigger Happy. Took the package back and got home and found the new one had a defective portal that only would read different Skylanders in different spots of the surface.

Ended up asking for the portal from my first package swapped with the defective one and now all is good with all 16 of my Skylanders.
4 years ago#5

My girlfriend and I finally had a chance to sit down and play it and we were pretty disappointed to find that Sonic Boom would only work if there was already another skylander in action. It's not a gigantic deal but it's just odd.

All of the 7 other Skylanders work just fine but for Sonic we need to place a sheet or poster over the portal and have him "hover" for it to get a reading.
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4 years ago#6
I think the 360 version is having a tougher launch than the other platforms for some reason. Even the reviewer on Destructoid commented on issues with the portal for some monsters, and it mentioned he was reviewing the 360 copy.

I got it PS3, and while I was pissed about having a battery-dependent portal, it's been flawless so far. Fingers crossed...
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