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I just need: Wham-Shell (duh) and Boomer... anyone have a store with them? (Archived)Elranzer77/3/2012
Multi-player? (Archived)hawkeye218837/2/2012
Fun game, but bugs have ruined it (Archived)Jmaneuv01137/2/2012
Max Level? (Archived)BullyofSmeg36/30/2012
Does anybody know how many Toy Fair / E3 figures were produced? (Archived)No Name Gamer16/29/2012
Skylanders:Spyro's Adventure (Archived)awesome3416/26/2012
should i get the 3 legendary pack or the 3ds version? (Archived)VaultBoy201046/26/2012
Currently Plentiful: Leg. 3-Pack, Leg. Trigger Happy, Blue Bash, Adv sets (Archived)Elranzer16/26/2012
Can someone help me find a Wham Shell (Archived)
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best way to level up new chars? (Archived)wolfwing66/24/2012
Red Drill Sgt? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
is tehre an advantage to using pc version for xbox/ps3? (Archived)wolfwing36/21/2012
Is this every Skylander released? (Archived)No Name Gamer76/21/2012
Finally... Collection Complete! (Archived)
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Installing spyro on computer... (Archived)wolfwing16/19/2012
An easy way to display your figures for under $10 (Archived)torNATEo16/19/2012
Need help understanding what makes Skylanders so popular (Archived)Kamex66/18/2012
I love my girlfriend! (Archived)torNATEo26/18/2012
Blue Bash question (Archived)bird48f336/17/2012
best skylanders wanna spend less than 30 bucks (Archived)VaultBoy201086/17/2012
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