What are your hopes for this game?

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5 years ago#1
Clearly this game shall not be the same as the previous one, we already know of the Social Linking system but what are you hoping to see?

Perhaps you would like more references to a particular mythology or religion? Maybe have a character return; whether in the canon or not? A new feature? A removal of a feature previously present Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor? A cameo? A multiplicity of concepts within your head?

As for my personal preferences; I would like for Gigolo to return or some new form for Loki. Loki can add such savory chaos. The addition of animated enemy graphics would be a positive; like in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. It is my opinion that doing such makes the game a tad more immersive, allowing for more impact of the game on the player. I would enjoy the addition of astrological signs playing an influence one the characters; there are certainly enough characters for this to be a viable concept. Items, that would be a much appreciated addition to the game-play; although it could certainly cripple a player should enemies be able to use them as well in particular bosses. Tarot Cards making a return could probably accomplish this well in addition to being rich in symbolism.

More branching in the plot, and while this may just be me, I would prefer our actions throughout the whole game to determine which ending we receive as opposed to merely picking the day before last.

An 8th day, much like Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked is to have.

Better balancing, this may merely be my inadequacy as a gamer, but I have always felt that Devil Survivor had everything right except for balancing individual battles. The battle system itself was quite balanced; but the conditions always seemed to be slightly broken in your disfavor. For instance Belzaboul's ability to heal around 275 points per battle; or Beldr's ability to summon more enemies while having invincibility to everyone but the protagonist and a ranged attack. While granted grinding could easily solve either example problem it should not be a necessity.
5 years ago#2
More boobs, bigger boobs.

Oh and more demons.
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5 years ago#3
Simple, I wanna see a good game with a good story.

I want it to have the freedom and options of the first game, but improved.
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5 years ago#4
That the way you drive the story is a little more... 'Free'.

The first game felt 'free', but once you got to your third playthrough, you realize the only thing you are really free to do is save a few people's lives and go through events that might permanently remove either Midori or Keisuke from your party. Basically, your free to mess up, but if you want to get multiple ending choices and have a wide variety of characters by the end, you specifically have to follow the game a certain way.

I want this game to have enough choices so that I could play through the game at least three times and have a different experience each time. I want to have different characters in my party by the end of the game each time I play the game. And I don't want there to be a specific way to play through the game where you can have all of the characters on your side and get all the possible endings like the first game. I want the game to force you to make choices that will affect the end game.

Also, I hope we will have more than five characters playable before the last day. But we're going to be able to have the striped hat guy in our party by Monday, so hopefully that means we will have a bigger character variety before the end of the game.
5 years ago#5
Wait wait wait wait wait...wait........wait...

You could permanently remove Midori? You're telling me I did six playthroughs stuck using that annoying little harpy and I could have gotten rid of her?

I will have to keep this in mind for Overclocked playthroughs.
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5 years ago#6

BS the Keisuke and he'll join you, but Midori will run away saying that it isn't right. Later on you'll have a fight against Kaido, Midori, Pazuzu, and Black Frost. At the end you break both Midori and Kaido's COMPs.
5 years ago#7
Compendium. Seriously, what stopped me from playing DeSu1 eventually was the lack of it. Sure it was pretty easy to get the skills, but the levels (especially if you've been using Loki for all your playthroughs to level 90+) are very tedious to regain. I probably would be playing a few more playthroughs if I could fuse the Fallen Morning Star and still get Loki+Metatron back.

Not that it's necessary... I DID play like all endings and two extra.
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5 years ago#8
Mostly I just want to see more. The battle system I wouldn't touch much at all, and I liked the overworld and time system too. We're getting a lot more demons, so I won't address that, and I'm glad they're keeping DBay because it's a very flavorful compendium substitute for this series. I would like to see more consistent difficulty, because the first game's difficulty was a bit of a rollercoaster, with some days being easy and others being brutal - instead, I'd like to see every day be nice and challenging and build up gradually to the nasty endgame. A bit more variation in the path fights would be nice as well, though it doesn't matter too much on a first playthrough so it's not too huge. Finally, I want to see more conversations have an impact on the game. As much as I liked that system, I some convos like Honda didn't really do much but waste your time, and I kind of hope that this DeSu 2 makes most if not all convos relevant. I've got some hopes that this will be fixed with that new system, though, so fingers crossed.

DeSu was one of my favorite DS games, and in general just I hope that this game is able to build on the things that made it so great while tweaking some of its weaker areas.
5 years ago#9
Oh and nocturnes press turn system.
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5 years ago#10
Better challenge (smarter AI or better designed enemy teams) at least in boss fights. While bosses were somewhat hard, their minions were pathetically weak. All that was needed was to figure out whatever trick the boss had and it was easy to cruise through boss battles.

Or at least in Hard Mode, which this game should have.

Also balance MAG vs STR, give more STR skills, as well as give more variety in stat distribution for Demons. Most STR demons had crappy MAG stats and some had crappy AGI, while this could be worked around, it still didn't change how MAG demons performed just as well, if not better, with far, far less fuss than STR demons.

Plus an optional boss that punished you for trying to take the obvious easy precautions against it (Persona 3) Or really overpowered like DDS's.
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