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5 years ago#1
All the Demons, with Japanese and English names linking to http://megamitensei.wikia.com (so you can see pictures of them) are inside. The characters' max stats at lv99 are inside too ( Sheet 2).
UPDATE: I will put Skills/Passive Skills and Auto-Skills in next Updates

I used http://alphawiki.net/ds2/index.php?%BC%EF%C2%B2%CA%CC with Google Chrome Translation, Infoseek.jp and Babelfish.

After 48h of hard work on this, I hope you can use it like me playing the game to know which Demon is what race/what skills they have etcetera.

48% of them are with LV, base stats, elemental resistances/weaknesses, Skills, Passive Skills and how to unlock them if needed. Others don't have stats/resists/weakness or skills yet.

About 70% of skills/passive skills are from DS1, and they have their name. Others are left with an approximate translation.

On Sheet 1, all the demons with a Jap/English alterning lines (IE: Japanese line then in English under, and so on)

On Sheet 2, all Characters (13 not counting MC, only one doesn't have an official name, translated as "Anxious") with their max stats at lv99 and what stat they are gonna grow in priority.

On Sheet 3, all Demons, only in English (and Awkward translations for some bits)


Only 4shared has a waiting time, 20 sec.
File size is 0.1 MB :)

Send me some email if you find anything wrong. I am no Japanese translator, only using tools to help me :)
You can send me an email at kevinsephiroth at gmail dot com.
Square-Enix fan inside ^^
Nintendo fan inside ^^
5 years ago#2
Great work!

Some quibbles though:

Tum Lin = Tam Lin
Zueraronzu = Dzelarhons
Murasaki Kagami is fine but they might just use the literal translation, "Purple Mirror"
Biriken = Billiken
Toki no Okina = Sage of Time

Still a wonderful job though. Thanks for putting all that work into it.
5 years ago#3
I knew for Sage of Time, his name in fact means something like "Old man of time"

And as for all these names, I used the ones found one the wikia, as they are supposed to be official ...

It was a pain in the butt to find exactly which name was which demon, as I have only played/finished DS1 (Strange Journey I hated it, Nocturne, DDS, DS:SH etc etc require a PS2 :/ )

I'm now working on the Skills, Passive Skills and Auto-Skills :)

There were some mistakes in some of the skills/passive on the 1st sheet, but they'll be corrected now (mainly those that were available in DS1 as I'm using several jap websites and my copy of DS1 to see what means what, the new skills will stay in litterate translation)

Enjoy !
Square-Enix fan inside ^^
Nintendo fan inside ^^
5 years ago#4
Sage of Time is the official name since it was used in the English DS1 so there's no use in calling him Toki no Okina. The original meaning of the Japanese term doesn't really matter since he's Father Time. You can call him Sage of Time, Time's Greybeard, Old Father Time, etc.

With the exception of Purple Mirror, the rest are Japanese transliterations of the English so you should use the official English names.

I'm not trying to bash your work but it can get confusing if you refer to a demon as Zueraronzu which means nothing in English when you really should say Dzelarhons.
5 years ago#5
Dunno really what you means with your last sentence, but as for Sage of Time, I totally forgot of the special battle with him at 6PM on one of the last days in DS1.

I just used the names I found on japanese websites, sometimes on the wikia it stated that in fact was the chinese name to be used (for exemple Bai Ze or Bai Suzhen ...)

Or so I understood they were the official english names as they were from released SMT games.

When you said for Purple thingie, yeah it was a litteral translation, but strangely I didn"t find him on the wiki by that name for exemple.

I'm not an English native speaker so if you could be clearer I'd appreciate it :)

I know you're trying to help, I'm currently editing Passive Skills, so I'll edit what you advice me to if only I can understand the pro/con of your ideas :)

Thanks in advance,

Long live SMT !
Square-Enix fan inside ^^
Nintendo fan inside ^^
5 years ago#6
OK found out. For your information, the "tumlin" you saw in the sheet is the basic Google Translation. I couldn't find it on the web by logical maneers, but now I got it. Indeed it's Tam Lin :)

When there isn't any URL added to the name, it means it's only a basic translation, not mine, I'm pretty sure 99.99% of the demons are reccuring ones, I'm searching the misssing ones right now.

If someone could help that'd be great.
Square-Enix fan inside ^^
Nintendo fan inside ^^
5 years ago#7
Oh, I didn't know you weren't a native English speaker. My apologies if I seemed rude.

My last sentence just meant I appreciate your work but some of the names you used for the demons sound strange in English. That's all. But only for some of them.

Purple Mirror appears in the wikia as Murasaki Kagami because DS2 will be the first time Purple Mirror will be in an English SMT. Since Purple Mirror is based on a Japanese urban legend, they used the Japanese name for Purple Mirror in the games which is Murasaki Kagami. That may change once DS2 is translated into English by Atlus.

One last correction: Ishtar should be Ixtab. I made the same mistake too. :P
5 years ago#8
Yes, all the demons are recurring ones. We can say that with 100% certainty.

Zeruel also found two demons not in your list. They were listed somewhere else in the wiki but we don't have much information on them.

Link: http://alphawiki.net/ds2/index.php?LV%BD%E7

The demons are Lv 74 Fallen Samael and Lv 99 Divine Holy Ghost.
5 years ago#9
Interesting. It's the Devil Summoner demons that are the most difficult to find informations accordingly I must say.

Found some good japanese websites fortunately, one from jeocities with lot's of pictures of demons and another one about strange journey (which I have the game but there so many demons :/ )

Thanks for your input, this brings the grand total to 225 demons then.

I'll add the new links when I'm done with all the skills/passive and auto.

Maybe tomorrow

Quick edit: you spoke of Zeruel, what did that mean ? Is it on another thread or ? Didn't see any FAQ yet (I' not gonna put everything in a FAQ here, too much time consuming and it's better in a spreadsheet anyway)
Square-Enix fan inside ^^
Nintendo fan inside ^^
5 years ago#10
Zeruel is a poster from a thread who found out the info about Samael and Holy Ghost being in the game.


He also wrote the Compendium FAQ for Strange Journey. :)
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