Yamato Character Discussion thread (may eventually contain spoilers)

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Since the fighting in tiasian's "So Ronaldo." thread keeps dragging in Ronaldo's merit-driven opposite to the thread to the point its kinda railroading it we may as well may a character discussion on him (and ultimately his ambitions and group the JPs).

Do as you will, all. Been a long day so I'll post another day. Oh, please note to any active threads covering him and his merit system and go there if the discussion is better.
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Yamato is a cold son of a b1tch, who doesn't give a damn about anyone in JPs except the MC. He is also willing to do anything or sacrifice anyone to achieve his goal. However how evil he seems his actions are intended for the greater good, and is more than willing to back his words with action. And even if you hate him, you should respect him.
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The moment that Yamato mentioned his merit based system, the first person I thought of was Ashnard from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

...I actually liked Yamato though simply because of how effective of a leader he was. He got things done and he almost always was one step ahead of everyone else... except maybe AO. To me, that makes one character that you do not want to F with...

Overall, I think he is one of my favourite characters from Devil Survivor 2
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Did not like Yamato at first, he seemed like your typical cold character who doesn't care about anyone else. Which is true, but I liked how he handled situations and played a good leadership role. Also liked his later game Fate scenes (takoyaki!).

He's now my favorite character, along with MC and AO.
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Even though Yamoto is 17, he doesn't allow his emotions to dictate his actions. His merit ideology allowed him to take defeat in stride and not whine and complain about it (Daichi's Route+ losing to Ronaldo's group and then saving them when the tower falls).

He willingly admits (At the end of his route) that the possibility with his merit system, even he has the potential to be on the chopping block.

Even though I have qualms about a "merit driven society", I have the up most respect for someone who has the ability of foresight to set up a plan and take steps to reach a goal.

I think his infatuation with the MC is cute too. I forget what terminology he used during one of the routes but it suggests that he views the MC in high regard even as a friend.

All and all I like his character. I love the scene with the tokayaki and then later on when he makes a meal for everyone it's nothing but tokayaki (and expensive!!).
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He actually does let his emotions dictate his actions. Just not all the time. His absolute refusal to join you on AO's precisely because he hates AO and will not surrender even when he's beaten.
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Jupiterservant posted...
He actually does let his emotions dictate his actions. Just not all the time. His absolute refusal to join you on AO's precisely because he hates AO and will not surrender even when he's beaten.

:/ He hates the AO for absolute no reason what so ever....

The AO manipulating Yamato's entire family line (Giving them the Dragon Stream). Trying to kill him because Yamoto strayed from what the AO's thought the world should be like, even though he gave humanity "tools" and "culture" that allowed Yamoto to make this decision to begin with.

The AO is responsible for the destruction of the entire world. Yamoto's "emotional" thinking, if you want to call it that is fairly rational. I don't know if I could follow or support someone who created trails and tribulations for generation after generation after generation for a family. Yamoto joining AO would literally undermine his entire character.
People seek a reason to live. Merely existing is not enough, they need purpose.
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You didn't really give a reason why he doesn't hate him. You gave reasons why he would hate him.
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I think blaming solely him for the world's destruction is not right. He gave those things to mankind in the past to do with and fulfill our potential by our own free will. Humans simply abused the gifts he gave us and we brought it upon ourselves, If anything humanity is just as responsible for abusing the gifts given to them.

AO is acting on his own free will when he opposes Yamato. He does not like the idea of a Meritocracy so he opposes it. It's never even stated that Yamato knows about his attempt to stop him from returning from Sapporo.

Yamato is not acting rational in AO's route. AO has stated that Polaris will not listen to the will of a single man but to the wills of many following a strong principle. His goal is to kill everyone else and confront Polaris alone in his route. Besides he doesn't have to join them. The rules for defeating each group on the last days simply has them submit defeat. Whether they join or not is up to them.
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I really liked Yamato's character, personally. I found his cold calculation and sheer intelligence really interesting, and his aims would probably be my own, were I lucky enough to be useful to him.

I'm not big on any of the routes, after a certain amount of consideration, but Yamato's was the most appealing. Removing pointless discrimination and politically debilitating corruption are two key points, followed directly by the knowledge that there are three defining factors to the concept of "merit" (power, reason, knowledge).
The weak dying off is upsetting, but people always saying that that means certain groups are screwed need to think harder: the mentally disabled can still grow strong in many cases (albeit there are certain disabilities that would not allow this opportunity, especially combined with physical disabilities); the physically disabled can grow intellectually; and the old carry value through experience (although senility and issues like Alzheimers would stop this). It is a more heartless world in those respects, and I can definitely concede that, but in contrast to the rest of the options (aside from Kill Polaris and A New World [which was too brief to really entail anything]), it's the one I prefer.

Back onto his character, though, he is human in many respects. He's extremely intelligent and resourceful, but he's still a teenager, so his views on merit and life are slightly more shallow, given that he has little real-world experience. His upbringing (I would imagine) has led him to avoiding emotions, as opposed to how most assume he's a sociopath. Also, his decisions that're the most notably cold are those that really needed to be made (Alioth, mainly, and food/medicine distribution). Had JPs ran out of supplies, the world would've been screwed.
Also, as others have said, he fully understands the world he's to bring about, and its not like he expects to reign forever. He just intends on ruling until one more suited comes along to take his place. And the three Paragons of Merit (as I like to call them -- Yamato/Power, MC/Reason, Fumi/Knowledge) concept is a totally brilliant one for the rulers of society.

Anyways, yeah. He's in my top three characters of this game, albeit they're static -- and I must note, him being cute didn't hurt my opinion of him. xD