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What is the maximum amout of people who can Die?(spoilers) (Archived)lopol1233/22/2014
Damage notes (Archived)frozendragon15031/28/2014
Regarding paths ( spoilers ) (Archived)fatelord51/17/2014
Levelling up so tedious? (Archived)
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Anime remake announced! (Archived)
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No other chance to rank up Otome? (Archived)Heavenboy88212/6/2013
Is this game worth getting? (Archived)Repinkrad912/1/2013
Human characters builds (Archived)lystyle13711/28/2013
There is no past or future here. (Archived)metamara311/23/2013
Man, i guess i bit off more than i can chew (Archived)
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Does the old cast of DS1 come back in this game ? (minimum spoiler please) (Archived)MoodyHoe1011/17/2013
Holy Strike is quite weak (Archived)eiyuuou411/15/2013
Why are there aliens in this game? (Archived)BlackSheepWalls611/12/2013
Ailments are BEASTLY (Archived)frozendragon150611/12/2013
AR code requests (Archived)
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The plot...(spoilers) (Archived)MilaxMinium310/31/2013
power charge is underrated... (Archived)frozendragon150610/12/2013
Hero race, the underdog (Archived)eiyuuou310/10/2013
best ending to close the game with ? ( at least for a long time)(spoilers) (Archived)kabutozero610/9/2013
last boss / new game + advice (Archived)
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