F1 explained! FAQ for New Players of F1 2011 and know little about the real F1

Posted: 9/22/2011 3:49:29 PM
Several things, all DRS related.

1 - Do you hold Y to activate it, or just press the button?
2 - In real F1, any car can use DRS as long as 1 second behind any car at the detection points. This means the leader can use it, and any car can use it to pass backmarkers.
3 - does #2 apply on the game, or did they miss that one?
4 - Also, how does it work after the safety car? in real F1, it reactivates 2 laps after a restart

As for the rest of the topic, great work, sticky requested

Regarding your latest posts to varandil about tiers. I would put:
1 - RBR, McLaren, Ferrari
2 - Mercedes, Renault
3 - Sauber, STR, Force India
4 - Williams
5 - Lotus
6 - HRT, Virgin
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