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4 years ago#21
Mellerker38 posted...
Should I change my team to Mclaren team if I can't get first in every race events?

It will take a while to earn a contract offer from McLaren. But yes, McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari are generally the best cars. But don't fret if you're struggling to win. That is normal, and you'll soon find that your upgrades are making a difference and your skill level increases.
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4 years ago#22
thunderbone posted...
What I've been having a problem with is understeer. Seems I have this tendency to not be able to turn in corners. Also, what will yield better results; having assists like ABS and TCS on, but drastically altering setups, or turning said-assists off and using the most "stable" setups? I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so I have this thing that makes me not accept anything but pole position, and the win.I'm still a little new to the sport. I've only been watching since 2010, and the most-recent F1 game I played on a console would've been F1 2002 (from EA Sports) for PS2. So, here I am, now, with much more sophisticated hardware, and I cannot run a decent lap to save my life. Because I'm not the "calculating" type, I have damage, fuel usage, and tyre wear turned off, just as I do when I play NASCAR 2011. (Yes, I know we're talking about two very different sports. I'm just stating...something.) However, if turning off the assists like ABS and TCS would help, I would be willing to do it.I know it mostly takes practice to master an F1 game - assuming it's an F1 game that simulates the sport. But I'd like to do as you say in your first sport, where the game becomes too easy for lower difficulty settings.Any advice is welcome...unless your advice is, "go back to NASCAR, you no-talent, no-skill t***!"Sad is the fact I really don't know enough about Formula One. Any useful information I've obtained was through Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond. In the US, Speed TV doesn't go into the "science of Formula One" like they do the "science of NASCAR." Watching that episode of Top Gear (where Hammond takes Alonzo's championship car around Silverstone), I learnt that F1 cars are FAR. MORE. COMPLEX.

You are not alone and are going through routine growing pains for someone who is trying this game for the first time.

Sounds cliche, but practice is the best option. The biggest "ah ha" moment you'll find is throttle/brake control: Most tracks require spots where you must understand how much gas to be giving, or how much brake to apply. Pick a track you enjoy, and practice feathering both the throttle and brakes. With a little time, you'll have breakthroughs before you know it. This technique is critical to mastering tracks and keeping consistent times.

Also, understanding angles is important. I can get a turn wrong 10 straight times and then I'll finally take a better angle and the turn suddenly seems like nothing and I'll wonder how I ever struggled. Accelerating out turns is huge.

Make sure your nose is lined up in a direction you want to go before flooring it - You should never have the throttle all the way down if you're taking any kind of corner; wait until you're straightened out then punch it. If you mis-calculate, simply let off the gas and adjust your steering before gassing it again.

You're probably not as far away as you feel, you just haven't had that "oh I see" moment yet.

I started on Amatuer when I first bought F1 2010, many assists on (no auto-brake though) and it took me 9 races before I finally won. On a higher difficulty, I would likely have never won with my car and skill. Once you earn some confidence, you'll find the assists slowly drop off because they are just in your way.

Also, this sounds weird, but as you learn tracks, try to learn to drive with no line. I found that the race line actually distracts me and causes me more problems than it helps. You're best to learn brake points and use the striped curbs as your guides.
Fanboys are weak. Just shut up and play.
4 years ago#23
jackacid posted...
Mellerker38 posted...
Is Lotus a good starting team for my career like in F1 2010 for this game?

Lotus, HRT and Virgin do not start with KERS, but Williams and Force India do. If I was a novice, I'd choose Williams or FI just to have access to KERS to start. However, if you play a lower team and stick with them, you will get KERS by the 2nd season.

Okay thanks and I'm playing as a HRT team.
4 years ago#24
If any of you are still with this game, I started a Commentary F1 2011 series on YouTube.

Playlist found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC66A2E3089B390AF&feature=view_all
Gameplay vids + race blog = http://apexhead.com
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