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5 years ago#1
I'm near the end of the game but I have never recieved a letter from Sara. I've gotten all the letters from everyone else but she doesn't want to write to me. I would like to finish this sidequest and get the ultimate weapon. I've already been able to get to legendary blacksmith, secret ??? dungeon, except I can't get sara to write a letter to complete that and ultimate weapon. wtf. The ds version just lets me write letters to activate it but for iPhone, non avail.
5 years ago#2
Have you gotten a Sara letter yet? I'm also near the end (got the Nautilus, got the earth crystal, but haven't yet fought Doga or killed Bahamut or Leviathan) and no letter from her.
5 years ago#3
Make Ingus party leader to receive letters from Sara
PSN : Nammsieee
5 years ago#4
Wow, thanks Nammie.!!!

I've had Luneth as leader since the beginning. What else have I been missing?
5 years ago#5
ps: Is it necessary to "send" any letters? I can't figure out how to do it on an iPad.
5 years ago#6
Well, I don't think it's possible to send any messages in this version
Uhm.. if you switch to Refia you will get messages from Takka and if you switch to Arc you will get messages from prince Alus I think..
PSN : Nammsieee
5 years ago#7
I was having same problem, so I tried going through crystal tower all the way up to portal to fight Xande. I teleported out and there the letter was... I had beaten all dungeons and opened 96% of chests. Make sure to talk with all party members to mog, u should all the remaining letters
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