They should add funny things in to throw us off

#1JDKennedy619Posted 4/22/2011 9:50:19 AM
Maybe say if you shot a rocket at salazar and he was suppose to die and then he dies and then comes back to life and Leons goes I SWEAR THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO KILL HIM! or if u try and knife krauser and he goes that wont work this time and leon smirks and goes well it was worth another try.
#2ozzmarkkPosted 4/23/2011 8:23:17 AM

Meh... I'd rather have an unaltered version with achievemenets. Maybe they could "george lucas" it up with separate dlc.

#3BattleAxeRXPosted 4/23/2011 6:58:58 PM
Those are funny things sure, but I don't think they should spend or will spend time doing stuff like that.
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#4Crabcake90210Posted 4/25/2011 6:24:04 PM
If they did that to Salazar them would have to do it to Mendez. In my opinion I didn't think they were ha ha ha funny.
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