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Finally got past the first level on Pro! :D (Archived)
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Adas two side missions. One is not canon, right? (Archived)JascoD811/1/2012
Ashley knight tiles (Archived)fett44211/1/2012
is aiming any easier than the gamecube version? (Archived)beautifuldreams910/31/2012
"A Senior Moment, Perhaps"? (Archived)NYCKing87410/31/2012
is it true there is more enemies at once (Archived)deimos91510/31/2012
On Sale now! (10$) (Archived)
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Any captions for this game? (Archived)GenXPm110/29/2012
How many times have you passed this game? (Archived)
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Havent played since PS2. And because of this.... (Archived)Everbornn1972210/27/2012
RE 4 Mercenaries, Pueblo Villiage (Archived)Nitephall710/25/2012
How do the controls work? (Archived)SixStringHero210/24/2012
Anyone know when the sale will end? (Archived)smexywesky210/24/2012
Imagine if Chris was the lead here (Spoilers) (Archived)GilgameshSwords710/18/2012
Does the PRL act like it does on the PS2 or like the Wii? (Archived)Animaniac24410/17/2012
How do I buy Resident Evil 4 on the Marketplace using Microsoft Points? (Archived)Lucas217310/14/2012
Ultra Cinematic Button Sequence Parasite Shooting Gallery 6: Guest staring... (Archived)Massiv3_Crabs110/4/2012
This versus Wii versus PC version with mods? (Archived)EntwineRychiar29/20/2012
Has the knife been drastically reduced in this version? (Archived)TheLastAvatar0529/15/2012
I played this game to death on the PS2 (Archived)GilgameshSwords89/11/2012
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