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If you unlock the infinite Rocket Launcher... (Archived)peach freak18/2 4:25PM
Beat game in 4:55 No saves 1 Retry No faid used still a B rank... (Archived)Andronicus8716/28 12:56AM
Should I reset the game or can I overcome this??? (Archived)king_eddy41/17 8:47AM
Fire Extinguisher (Chris RedField)? (Archived)Killerx7o7412/29 12:38PM
Think this will go on sale again? (Archived)Roso26/27/2014
Out of Curiosity... (Archived)Cheif_Quimby11/10/2014
What purpose does the lamp have? (Archived)amazing_aliy212/11/2013
Blocked with Chris and that F!!! shotgun holder (Archived)TigersushiXX47/20/2013
Please help! (Archived)Kattfoder25/15/2013
So when does the legit rank for the online leaderboards begin? (Archived)Odenpeth33/5/2013
Question about Weapon Crazy achievement (Archived)unclekoolaid7383/5/2013
Just bought this game...any tips? (Archived)DAH_Joe33/4/2013
On sale for $5 today - is it worth it? (Archived)enovak792463/1/2013
Delete Save Files Without Deleting Unlockables? (Archived)acidconsumer20239/11/2012
On sale today apparently for 12.99. (Archived)TVthePunisher38/19/2012
Item totals (Archived)DetBeauregard18/16/2012
Annoying sound when starting the game up? (Archived)makeway4badguy28/10/2012
Seriously how the hell am I supposed to beat the boss with those things spoilers (Archived)TheConstable78/1/2012
just got screwed (Archived)Bob_Lazar68/1/2012
Did a Rocket Launcher/Knife Run. I picked up everything.................. (Archived)Azeiryous37/1/2012
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