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Guess how much fun I'm having? (Archived)Nitephall71/6/2012
Final Boss (Archived)aipotiurFderF41/4/2012
I just beat Extreme Battle mode with regular Claire in under 7 min and I still (Archived)Ducati996R512/28/2011
after finally finishing this (Archived)
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This was fast becoming my favorite RE game. (Archived)soupwizard812/19/2011
A rank time - 2 hours for first half ok? (Archived)StewartPaul312/12/2011
Shotgun (spoilers) (Archived)Dark_Ninja1521312/7/2011
Anyone else.. (Archived)2mins2eddie211/26/2011
I need help with the battlegame. (Archived)soupwizard411/24/2011
Problem getting the lighter back. (Archived)oncollapse411/14/2011
How does Steve know how to fly a transport plane? (Archived)Ducati996R611/9/2011
#25 on the board (Archived)Kawasaki_X750311/6/2011
Pro tips on using the knife? (Archived)knightimex511/5/2011
please help me :) (Archived)silentecho77311/4/2011
almost made it (Archived)Gangsta_Grizzil411/1/2011
so uhh where do you get the knife? (Archived)thevirgin8781010/31/2011
Why are people saying this is hard? (Archived)
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Who would you says is more iconic in the series? Chris or Leon. (Archived)
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Battle Game 'A' Rank criteria... What is it?!? (Archived)
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Any other ranking unlocks anything besides A for rocket launcher? (Archived)Ducati996R410/30/2011
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