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This games very difficult. Any tips? (Archived)
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WTF: Well my A Rank run is ruined.......... (Archived)
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Explosive Bow Gun : Best Weapon in the game!!! ( Spoilers ) (Archived)Azeiryous610/12/2011
Is there a REAL chance REmake will be on 360HD??? (Archived)
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They should at least give you unlimited ammo for completing the game. (Archived)Solid_Codec610/11/2011
Going to go for Weapon Crazy next day off. What time should I look for... (Archived)StroutX610/10/2011
Why do people say "Slash downward twice" with Wesker? (Archived)StroutX110/10/2011
part 2 claire spoilers** (Archived)milkshakes793510/10/2011
Weren't we supposed to some avatar rewards or something in the game?` (Archived)Scoter811010/10/2011
This game has completely SCREWED me over. (Archived)
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Wow Wesker only has the knife in battle mode? (Archived)Solid_Codec510/10/2011
One thing you'd like to add to this release.. (Archived)Gunvalkyrie2110/9/2011
Can I beat the last boss like this? (Archived)
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A question about the story.. spoilers obviously.. (Archived)Gunvalkyrie2410/9/2011
Re CV or RE 4? (Archived)Duh_Bad_Guy710/9/2011
Leave a message after the beep for The Moths (Archived)Gunvalkyrie2310/9/2011
silver key? silver crest? (Archived)milkshakes793310/8/2011
The game won't let me use the Octa Valve Handle. (Archived)Solid_Codec310/8/2011
Ok... once you unlock Rocket Launcher, Linear Launcher, etc. Where are they?!? (Archived)Spyderxb210/7/2011
S-Tyrant (Archived)
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